New mentality

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Can I come with you..?" Eri asked.

Midoriya paused and looked at Eri, "do you wanna come to see the kidnapping or do you want to come to avoid the rest of these people??" He asked a bit confused.
Eri originally hadn't wanted to come to see him kidnap people, so what was the change of heart for?

I don't mind these people
I just wanna come..."

"Well, there isn't much of an issue.
You can come I guess" Midoriya chuckled as a smug grin made it's way across his face.
Toga couldn't spend any time with Eri now.

"She's awake?" Shinsou said as he walked in.

"Wait she has another horn???" Todoroki said in confusion.

"Huh??" Eri replied.

You don't even get to look in a mirror yet.
Your horn grew back" Midoriya said.

"It can grow back??" Bakugo asked dumbstruck.

"According to the doctor back in the demonic realm it can"

"Really?? Good to now, dang I've always kept these stupid things hidden because I didn't want them to break in battle" Bakugo groaned as he allowed his horns and tail to poof out.

"Did the doctor say anything else about her?"

"Doctor said she's completely fine.
So yea-"

"That mission is still waiting you know, quit the chit chat" Shigaraki hissed.

Midoriya sighed, "alright."
He took off his bracelet and prepared.

He shadow traveled away, taking Eri with him.
He was already in his villain outfit.

He reappeared in an alleyway, he put Eri down.

"Alright Eri, I'll give you a 101 lesson on how to properly kidnap people." He smiled.

Eri nodded her head as she looked around, the alleyway was dimly lit and with the change of season the sun was already set.
It was the beginning of the night.

Midoriya's white eyes lightly radiated in the alleyway.

Midoriya pulled up his hoodie and put on his metal mask.
"You know Eri, I'm fine with whatever career choice you decide to take.
Don't feel pressured just because I decided to go out and become a villain"
He said.
It was a bit echoey muffled because of the metal mask but Eri could understand what he was saying.

She nodded her head as she grabbed onto Midoriya's hand and followed him through the alleyway.

Eri had already mentally decided what she wanted to become, while it had only been a thought...
After experiencing what negative energy felt like, she was set on what she was going to be.

Midoriya peered into an alleyway ahead, a person was just sitting there using their phone.

"Alright Eri.
You just sit here and watch" Midoriya grinned.
Eri nodded her head as Midoriya walked up to the stranger.

Who are you??" The stranger asked as he backed up.
He looked at Midoriya's eyes and immediately recognized him as he tried to run.

However Midoriya was too fast, he knocked him out before he even got the chance to run.
Midoriya chuckled as he lifted up his body and walked back over to Eri.

Eri had looked like she was trying to hold back a grin.

"Alright, 1 person down.
5 more to go.
Then I can go on my usual killing and return back to base" Midoriya said with a smile.

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