24// Derek

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How the hell did this fucking asshole...get in my house without me knowing.

When I saw that video, I haven't felt that kind of fury in my veins in a long time. And the guilt too because I brought Tori into my house, thinking it would be safe and it isn't and I didn't even know it, I'm supposed to be a cop and I can't even protect the person who I care about in my own home.

Snapping out of my thoughts and turned my eyes from the video to Tori who was sleeping soundly on the couch in mine and Jack's office, I needed to be here. But I wanted her close to me, insight, feet apart from me after the shit that went down tonight.

My eyes flicker from her to Jack as he comes into the office, carrying a bag of small cameras in an evidence bag. 

"Hey," Jack says as he places the bag on the desk quietly, to make sure he doesn't wake Tori. His eyes flicker to her for a moment and then back to me.

"How is she doing?" He asks, shaking my hand.

"She's more shaken-up than she lets on, I'm just glad she's resting" I replied. And then nodded towards the bag.

"How many and where?" I said getting right to the point, I want to know where these were and just what exactly this creep has seen.

"Four in total... Living room, Kitchen, hallway, and your bedroom-;" He barely finished that sentence before I stormed out of the office into the break room.

My bedroom, the same room, and the same bed she has been sleeping in every night and the same place we've made love countless times together and this creep has been watching us the whole time, how do I tell her that she was violated like that when I was meant to protect her.

Grabbing the nearest cup and throw it at the wall and then repeated the motion with everything I can get my hands on, letting the rage come out.

The anger at not finding this prick.

The anger at not getting answers for the missing girl's families.

The anger at this prick being in my house.

The anger at him watching us.

And most of all the anger at myself for not protecting the woman I fucking love.

And I love her with everything that I have, I just haven't told her yet.

"ENOUGH" I heard my best friend's voice shout, pulling me out of my fury rage. Moving to look at Jack, so we were face to face.

"He was in my house Jack, he's watched us...he watched us making-;..." I couldn't even say the words out loud.

"I know Derek but smashing up the breakroom isn't going to help your girl".

"I was meant to keep her safe and I couldn't. He has been right under my nose, close enough to get in my house, with Deacon, with my daughter, and with Tori" I yelled not at him but at this whole situation.

"You are keeping her safe, and soon this asshole is going to slip up and we're going to catch him. He got sloppy and arrogant by going in your house, and letting you know just that.... don't lose it now" Jack says calmly.

Shaking my head and taking a deep breath, taking a seat on the couch in the room. Jack follows and takes a seat at the table, facing the couch and me.

"I'm a cop and I can't even protect the woman I love" I admitted sadly.

"Don't go there, you need to take a step back and think more like a cop than a boyfriend. Retrace your and Tori's steps since she moved into the house, something has to stand out more than you think it might, right now it's clouded by your anger, once that clears it's time to find this prick and we will "

"And what do I do until that anger clears?"

He looks at me and then digs through his jeans pockets before pulling out a set of keys.

"You go to mine; I have a spare room for you two. You sleep, then tomorrow we make this our game not his" He announces and hands me the keys.

"Thanks, Jack, I appreciate it," I said to him while pulling myself to my feet to stand.

"Don't mention it, just take care of your girl" nodding my head and began walking out of the room but stop and then turn back to my best friend with a smirk.

"Oh and by the way I'm too old to be referred as being someone's boyfriend, asswipe...".

Jack turns his head towards me and laughs, before smiling knowing that remark would annoy me, I love Tori, not sure when or how it happened but I do.

And what I feel for her, and what we are will not be dismissed to words like boyfriend and girlfriend, like we're in high school.

"You got the old part right...dipshit" He chuckles back.

Shaking my head with my own chuckle before walking back to my office.

Jack's right I need a night's rest, then when tomorrow comes I'm going to make sure Tori is safe and that she's protected at all costs. And that she never has to feel the type of fear she felt tonight when she saw that live stream video of us.

This asshole said games are over, he's right about that. I might be a cop and I will do everything in my power to go in the lines with this case, and withhold up the law.

But he made this personal, now I'm going to make sure he regrets that, because I'm coming for him with everything I've got, and I won't stop until I find him.

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