Chapter 15

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Ivey-Rose's POV

I sat on the curb and took deep breaths to stop myself from crying.  I wasn't crying because I was weak, I was crying because I might be taken away from people I actually love and taken back by the people that betrayed me, my own family.

I wiped the tears away from my face and stood back up and walked back inside of the station.  I could see people looking at me out of the corner of their eyes, like I was some freak at a circus or something.  I glared at them and made my way over to the gang, not making eye contact with anyone from my family.  I sat down beside Two-Bit and leaned back into the chair.

We sat there for what felt like years, but was really only a couple of hours, until Soda and Steve walked back out, I was confused that Dally wasn't there with them.  I stood up and walked over to Soda, he pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back softly.  I could feel tears coming to my eyes again, but I quickly blinked them back, not wanting to cry twice in one day.

Soda pulled away from me and lead me over to the chair I was sitting on before, he sat down and pulled me onto his lap, holding me around the waist.  I looked over at my family, who was giving the gang death glares for stealing the daughter THEY kicked out of THEIR house. I quickly looked away when my brother looked over at me.

The whole room was in an uncomfortable silence, I looked over at Soda and Steve, I know they knew where Dally was, but they obviously thought now wasn't the right time to tell.  Whatever it is, I hope hes not in big trouble, because he has a daughter that he has to provide for.  I suddenly felt scared, for Rosies sake, what would happen to her? She would be sent to a home and we'd never see her again.  What if that happened? I dont think I could live with myself, I'd kill Dally first chance I get, depending on the situation.

I sighed, I need to stop thinking about these things, for all I know, Dally could be perfectly fine... oh what am I saying? There's no way Dally would be nice to a cop, would he? Life is so confusing right now, everyone could dress up like bunnies and it would seem normal.

"Ivey-Rose Davis, can you come here please?" Said a man in a suit.  I sighed and got up, Soda squeezed my hand reassuringly before letting me walk away.  Question time... woo hoo.

I walked into a room with a table and a couple of chairs, there was also another man sitting in one of the chairs.  I took a seat in the chair opposite and stared at them.  There was a moment of silence while we just stared at each other then one of them cleared their throats.

"So, Ivey, I'm guessing you know why you're here?" He asked, looking at me through his glasses.

"To be honest, no, because they haven't done anything wrong.' I said shrugging.

"Well Ivey, your parents reported you missing and then we came to the conclusion that you had been kidnapped by those 3 boys." He replied, looking at me like I was stupid.  I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"You have it all wrong, they saved me, more than once." I said, leaning over the table.

"Ivey, we just want you to tell us the story, any way you like, starting from anywhere you want, we just want to know if your stories match." The other guy said who had a dorky tie around his neck.  I sighed and leaned back into my chair.

" I'll tell the short version, because you guys could be here for years otherwise." I said, they nodded and looked at me.

"My mother cheated on my father with Dallas Winston a year ago, when the baby was born they said it died, but I didn't belive her, so when I told my father, he kicked me out of the house.  That night I crossed town and stopped at a park for the night, I was about to be attacked but they saved my life.  Ever since I've been staying with the Curtis'. I found my sister because Dally was in the gang, I eventually forgave him and had no intention at all of returning to my parents.  Then I got a boyfriend, kidnapped, and saved all in one day. Just this afternoon I got in a fight with an old lady because she accused me of being a teen mother because I was babysitting Rosie for Dally, but it never got physical, now I've been taken into the station." I said.

They nodded and the one with the tie finished of writing on his notepad and looked up at me.

"Well, your stories do seem to match, and lack detail, but this seems enough for evidence, we heard that you were kidnapped and we will investigate that further.  Thank you for your time, you may leave now." He said pointing to the door.

"Actually I have a question for you?" I said looking over at them.

"Go on." the one with the glasses said nodding.

"Where is Dallas...?"


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