Cassandra: The Secret Agent

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"Close your eyes," His warm breath had hit the back of my neck, causing the hairs there stand on end.

   "God forbid if you've gone and thrown me some crazy surprise party... you know how I hate stuff like that." He responded with a low chuckle.

   "I'm not that cruel, Cassie. Anyway, who would we invite? There is hardly anyone we know that you haven't started a fight with."

   "I can't help it; people just know how to push my buttons!" I told him, defensive.

   "You can open your eyes now..." He whispered with his lips at my ear. I opened my eyes to the most heartwarming sight I've ever seen; we were in my parent's barn, and they had decorated it in a party style. There weren't many people there: just my parents, my sister, brother and then Mason and I.


He was what every girl could want. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, surfboard champion and a pretty awesome body... but he actually knew how to treat a girl right. And how many guys can you say that about?

   "Happy birthday, love," Mum smiled at me. "Now, do you want your present now or later?"

   "NOW!" I screamed with excitement - Mum and Dad had always got the best presents.

   "Okay. George," She addressed my brother. "Bring him out." ... What did she mean by 'him'? Before I realized what she was talking about, George appeared again with a beautiful mare. I gasped.

   "He's beautiful! This is the best birthday ever!" I exclaimed with a tear rolling down my cheek. Tears of happiness and pure contentment...

And now I'm here.  I don't know when it went all wrong. Did I do something? Is it my fault? Was my life falling apart some sort of karma?

Because the day after my birthday, I found out Mason was moving because his father landed a job in LA.


And then Mum told me she was pregnant. I wasn't overcome with hatred for the baby; how could I hate it? I knew that when it'd be born it would take my place as the youngest in the family, but I didn't mind. I was constantly being teased by George and my sister Sarah that I was actually excited that Mum was pregnant.

But then she had a miscarriage. It pulled our family apart. Mum was always detached and in her own world whilst Dad lived in his work life. Then Dad woke up one day and thought 'hey, I don't love my wife anymore' and filed for a divorce. George left home and Sarah became a rebellious teen, getting pregnant at the age of seventeen.

She got an abortion which concluded in me saying that I'll never speak to her again. And so far I've kept to that promise. How could you do that, kill your own baby?

It's murder.

And I threw myself into Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing and all stuff like that, so I could use my anger and pain to an advantage.

So I'm a seventeen year old girl, with a broken family and a punch that could knock a man straight out.

Yeah, life's just peachy.

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