Chapter Twenty Two

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The next morning, Stevie beat her alarm clock and woke up naturally about fifteen minutes before it was due to ring. She reached out to her bedside table and switched it off, before slipping out of bed and creeping into the en-suite to get ready for the last day of promotions of the week.

As the hot water cascaded over her skin, she closed her eyes and thought back to everything Lindsey had said to her the day before. A smile crept across her lips and she counted her lucky stars that destiny had finally brought them back to one another. Each thought intertwined into the next and before long, she had completely lost track of time.

She jumped out of the shower and hastily dried herself off, before pulling on a flowing black chiffon dress and blow-drying her hair. By the time she was adding the final touches to her make-up, there was a quiet knock at the door and Lindsey poked his head into the bathroom.

“Babe it’s eight forty-five, the car is outside.”

“Okay okay, I’m almost ready!” she answered frantically.

She swept out of the bathroom and down the stairs, gathering up her things with the chauffeur already standing in the doorway with an umbrella to shield her from the rain.

“Have a good day!” Lindsey kissed her tenderly.

“Thanks, you too,” she replied, heading towards the front door before suddenly spinning around and gasping. “Lily! I have to say goodbye to Lily!”

“She’s still asleep, Steph, let her sleep. You’re going to be late!”

Stevie felt a wave of guilt wash over her and she nodded at him sadly.

“Alright… well give her a kiss from me, okay?”

“I will.”

With that, she was on her way, driving through the pouring rain with a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. She tried to ignore it and just get through the day ahead of her.

Just like at every press meeting the band had attended that week, hot topic throughout the day was any news regarding the adoption, and Stevie was slowly learning to brush off the questions with practiced ease.

Thankfully, the number of paparazzi stationed outside of her house had dwindled over the past few days, although a few stubborn ones remained hidden in the bushes. It was a miracle that Lindsey had not been spotted yet, and Stevie prayed that they could spend just a little more time together before it all came out into the limelight.

The sinking feeling in her stomach persisted throughout the morning; Karen noticed that something was off with her, but she put it down to nothing more than the fact that she had a new-born to look after.

The afternoon rolled around and the band were all sat on a stage high above a lively crowd of journalists, with smiles plastered on their faces and trying desperately to answer the same questions in new and exciting ways.

Out of the corner of her eye, Stevie caught sight of Karen standing at the side of the stage, impatiently tapping her foot and looking to the host for an estimate on how much longer this interview was going to last. The host finally noticed Karen and nodded her head.

“I’m afraid that’s all we’re going to have time for today, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming, and a big thank you to Fleetwood Mac! We wish you all the very best with the new album!”

A round of applause broke out and Karen ducked onto the stage and squeezed Stevie’s arm.

“Come with me.”

Stevie’s eyes widened and she followed Karen off the stage, having to jog a little as she paced ahead of her. They were half-way to the car and Karen still had not said a thing.

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