Where it all Began ~ Part II

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Marinette's POV:

"Marinette, please reconsider! You know your father only wants the best for you." repeated Natalie, my father's assistant.

"This is what I think is best for me!" I practically yelled at Natalie. Raising my voice at her, made me feel bad; so I kept quiet again. We're standing outside Françoise Dupont High School, arguing over whether or not I should attend regular school. For my entire life, I've been homeschooled because I'm 'not like everybody else.' How can I possibly be any different from anyone in Paris?

I looked towards what sounded like a grunting pig. Right before my eyes, the 'grunting pig' who caught my attention was actually an old man on the ground, struggling to get up. Suddenly a natural reflex caused me to quickly walk up to him and help him up.

"Thank you, young lady," he said with a giant but soothing smile. I nodded and smile back; then I look at Natalie who's staring at me with no facial expression.

"I just want to go to school like everybody else. What's so wrong with making friends and being normal?" I began to ask, as I walk towards her, "Please don't tell my father about this Natalie." I had an urge to ignore her and run into the school, so I did.

"Marinette! Please wait!" I heard my father's assistant holler behind me. I finally felt the bare minimum amount of freedom, after being locked up like a prisoner in my own home. I rushed up the dark green stairs and walked into the filled up classroom.

"Marinette you're here!" shouted Chloe. I instantly felt my eardrums burst, but knowing that my appearance was appreciated, felt more than heartwarming.

"Hey Chlo! Hey everyone, I'm Marinette!" I announced awkwardly to the class.

"Welcome Marinette, I'm Miss Bustier. I'll be your teacher this year," announced the friendly teacher.

"It's nice to meet you," I replied with a smile. I look around the classroom for an open seat. I can see everyone's attention is on me, as if I was some kind of circus animal.

"I saved you a seat Marinette! Right in front of me," Chloe said loudly. I felt my face get hot, red hot. Chloe has always brought me to the center of attention, along with her. She's always been one of my very good friends, actually... my only friend. That's the reason why I don't push her away. But sometimes, I feel like everyone mugs me when they see me around Chloe. I'm aware about the fact that she treats everyone like crap, but I try my best to knock some sense into her. I give Chloe a tiny shrug and smile, then I make my way to the empty seat next to a reddish-brown headed girl.

"Hi, I'm Marinette!" I said, turning towards the quiet girl.

"Alya. Nice to meet you," she began, "So you're Chloe's friend, right?" I'm not entirely sure why she asks in that tone, overall why she'd ask that particular question. I can only assume Chloe spoke all about how we grew up together.

"Y-yeah I guess so," I replied. I then smile and look away to the giant board behind Miss Bustier. Then a wave of inconvenience hit me; I'll be going home only to be scolded for attending school today. For now, I have no choice but to make my day a little better.

I look off to my right and notice a blonde headed boy. He's rather attractive compared to anyone else in the class. I can't help but notice his lovely green eyes, nearly as bright and shiny as an emerald, not to mention his almost perfect side profile.

"Marinette. Marinette!" I heard Miss Bustier call out. I stood up quickly to make it look like I was showing the smallest amount of attention.

"Present!" I hollered awkwardly.

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