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I Didn't care anyway...

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Go ahead leave me,judge me, beat me, use me, trick me, love me,hate me no matter what you do I will always be the same person and you cannot change me because I will not let you hurt me, or make me into something I am not like the world has done to you!

Guess what love! people will judge you,beat you, use you,trick you,love you, and hate you no matter what you do!!

And I promise you this deary it hurts! So the next time you try to hurt me with one of your sarcastic rude comments think before you freaking speak because words hurt, and they get stuck in the little crevice in my head and soon they spread and get to me!!!

So think twice hun because one of these days you're gonna loose me, and wouldn't that be a shame babe now wouldnt it?

Im kind of feeling like...

UNICORN POOP AND rainbow kisses -Symphonie

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