Chapter 14: And I Said I Know It Well

               “Are you having trouble deciding what you wanna get?” Sara looked incredibly adorable even though she was squinting at the menu in contemplation.

               “Yeah, I can never figure out what to order. Would you mind ordering for me? I’ve obviously never been here, which is crazy considering how amazing the atmosphere is here.”

               “Sure no problem. I knew you’d love it here, which is why I opted out of taking you to some uptight, fancy restaurant. Besides, I remember you telling me that you love Mexican food and Pokez is one of my favorite places Downtown. Oh and they also have a jukebox.” I pointed to the jukebox located at the corner of the restaurant. The music selection as well as the colorful décor is what instantly attracted me to this place. The walls are covered with band posters and rare photographs and the guys that run the place are all pretty laidback. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all smoked weed in the break room.

               “When I come here I always order the tofu fajitas so I would recommend that or just regular shrimp fajitas. I’m obviously not a vegetarian, but I love how almost everything on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan.”

               “Hmm…shrimp fajitas actually sound pretty good. I’ll have that,” Sara replied enthusiastically with a huge smile on her face. 

               “What lady wants, lady shall receive,” I grinned before signaling to Joe that we were ready to order. Summer and I frequent this place a lot, so we’re pretty friendly with the owner.

               “What’s up Madison, what can I get for ya?” Joe asked as he reached for a notepad in his back pocket.

               “Hey Joe, I’ll have the usual, and my girl will have the shrimp fajitas.”

               “Alright cool. What would you ladies like to drink?” He asked as he scribbled our orders down on the notepad.

               “I’ll have a cherry coke,” I replied.

               “And I’ll just have a lemon water,” Sara responded and smiled politely.

               “Okay, coming right up. You girls enjoy your evening,” Joe winked at us before leaving to give the order to Gino.

               “I’m starting to get the feeling that you know everyone,” Sara laughed before taking my hand in hers. I honestly love when she touches me, even if it’s just a simple gesture like holding hands.

               “I don’t know too many people. Summer just left a lasting impression the first time we came here. She was incredibly drunk and hungry, so we basically just stumbled in here one night. The guys were thoroughly entertained by Summer’s alcohol induced brashness, so they gave us a sweet discount. And the rest is history.”

               “Wow now that’s something I would have loved to witness.”

               “Yeah it was pretty great until she had to puke, leaving me to hold her hair back. Vomit really disgusts me, so imagine me holding her hair back while also trying to keep myself from throwing up. I wasn’t even that drunk, but I was seriously a few seconds away from sharing the toilet with her,” I laughed at Sara’s horrified facial expression.

               “That is really gross Madison! I can’t believe you told me that. You’re so lucky I still have my appetite,” Sara scolded me as her face made an exaggerated disgusted expression.

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