The Lost Warriors of Krazen

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      A warrior is someone that is fueled by courage, determination and ferocity. There is an old legend in the fishing town of Echo Pond which was once called Krazen. Legend had it that there used to be an ancient powerful sorcerer named Valzar that lived there many centuries ago. Valzar had served two of the most bravest warriors that had ever lived in that region which were Kalzar and Kreden who were the sons of King Brezek. Kreden was the eldest so he was next in line for the throne. His brother Kalzar knew this and he knew that Kreden would one day make a great king and would proudly take his place as commander of their armies once Kreden became the new king. King Brezek had made Kreden and Kalzar's swords since they were very young as he wanted his sons to be prepared for battle as quickly as possible. Brezek's wife Cadyra was also very skilled in combat and she would also help to train Kreden and Kalzar. 

      Unfortunately, that was not to be as a powerful witch by the name of Evera, who was a loyal spy to the kingdom of Kadara which was under the rule of King Daver had gained the trust and the heart of Kreden as they had been secretly seeing each other for some time. However, Kalzar did not trust Evera and the witch knew this. One day as Evera had gotten both brothers together in a secret meeting to settle their differences she used her magic to her advantage in order to trap both warriors in a magic treasure chest. With the help from soldiers of the Kadara Empire they were able to get rid of the magic treasure chest that trapped the sons of King Brezek by throwing it deep under water. King Brezek looked for many years for his sons. In the end, King Brezen had won the war against the kingdom of Kadara after 5 years with the help of his sorcerer Valzar. When Evera found out that her side had lost the war she took her own life by poisoning herself and after she died from the poison her body was burned by a few of the remaining soldiers of the kingdom of Kadara while she was staying with her sister Azyra who was being safely transported to another country.

      Valzar has built a magical staff with a blue emerald which he tried to use to find the sons of King Brezek, yet he never could find them. In the following years Brezek had another son which he named Kalden who took over the throne and he ruled wisely with Valzar's guidance. Kalden had asked Valzar to find a way with his magic for their land to have warriors that could protect it in the future. Valzar agreed to do that. Many centuries passed and the time of ancient warriors and magic had seemed to come to an end.

       It was currently the year 2298. There was a boat called The Ancient Tribe which was owned by the descendant of Valzar who was Rip Conrad. After many centuries they kept looking for Kreden and Kalzar. Rip had the magical staff with the blue emerald which belonged to his ancestor Valzar. After a couple of hours the blue emerald started to shine while it was in Rip's grasp and the staff was able to make the magic treasure chest rise from the depths of the ocean. Mitchell McNear and Dustin Hearst brought the magic treasure chest to Rip who tried to use a couple of spells to open the magic treasure chest.

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