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Shindo POV:

My class and UA's class 1A are about to do a school competition for "fun" since our teachers are so called friends. I can't wait to wipe the smiles off of 1A's faces when we beat them in the games

We get out the bus, apparently we are gonna be rooming with the 1A students, I just hope I get someone not annoying

"Hello guests! Please come check this list it will tell you who you will be roommates with" a mouse guy said, I check the list and-

"katsuki bakugou"

Oh great UA's hothead is going to be my roommate. I grab my key and head in to the common room

"Lost? Maybe I can help!" I hear I turn and see a slightly shorter guy with green hair

"I'm looking for bakugous dorm" I said with a fake smile

"Ah I'll show you! He can be kinda mean so be careful, but he's also like my little brother so hurt him and I'll hurt you" he says happily, I follow him to the dorm he knocks on it and a short adorable tired blonde boy walks out

"Deku?" The tired blonde asks looking up at the green head

"Hey puppy this guy is going to be your roommate plz be nice kacchan" 'deku' says the small blonde glares at me with his chubby cheeks then looks back at deku and nods

"Bye puppy" deku says and leaves giving me a little glare

"Come in" bakugou says I follow him inside

"Nice stuffies" I say looking at his bed, he blushes

"Ignore those" he says crossing his arms

"I think they are cute what are their names?" I asked amused

"I'm not a baby so they don't have names" he huffs and stomps like a toddler would

"Right" I say and playfully roll my eyes

"What's that supposed to mean are you calling me a baby!?" He yells and charges at me I easily pick him up and throw him over my shoulder

"Hey put me down!" He yelles I tickle his sides making him laugh

"S-stop!" He yells I gently throw him on the bed he takes a breather, once he does he smirks at me and starts throwing his stuffed animals at me

"That's it" I yell and jump on the bed and scoop bakugou up and roll on my back with him laying on top of me

"I'll let you go once you apologize" I say with a huge smirk he laughs

"Never!" He says trying to get out of my hold laughing

"Let me go" he giggles, so cute. I shake my head no he huffs and pokes my face

"Fineee I'm sorry" he says with puppy dog eyes that no one could resist, I let him go and sit up with him on my lap

"Well it's been a long day let's get rest yeah?" I say he whines but nods. We both get into pjs when I got out of the bathroom and bakugou was putting on his shirt before he did I noticed something white sticking out of his pants? I won't mention it yet. I walk up behind him

"Boo" I say he yelps and turns around

"Idiot!" He yells and hits my stomach, it didn't hurt tho

"Now now thats not nice" I say playfully he rolls his eyes, I notice a slight bulge in his pants

"There's only one bed" bakugou says snapping me back

"Hm I don't mind sharing is your comfortable with that" I say he nods looking at the floor, I pick him up on my hip surprising him

"Um you should put me down" he says nervously I chuckle thinking it was because he was scared I was gonna drop him

"I won't drop you I promise" I say putting one hand under his butt so he wouldn't fall but then I felt padding

Wait- is he-

"Bakugou?" I ask looking at the blushing boy

"Mhm?" He says not making eye contact

"Are you?....wearing "protection" I say carefully not wanting him to cry or be embarrassed. He just gives me a small nod while looking at the floor looking like he wanted to cry

"Hey hey its ok" I say bouncing him slightly he hugs my neck

"If you need them you need them I won't tell anybody I promise" I say rubbing his bottom soothingly (not inappropriate)

"Promise?" He says finally making eye contact I chuckle a nod making him smile

"Now bed time!" I say with fake excitement and lay down with bakugou cuddled up to me, I kiss his head and turn the lamp off

"Night bakugou...."

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