Chapter Fourteen: His Possessiveness Is As Uncontrollable As Kanye West

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Chapter Fourteen:His Possessiveness Is As Uncontrollable As Kanye West 

I love that moment between being asleep and waking up where just for that one moment you’re stuck somewhere between a dream and reality. I mean yeah it sucks that you’ve got to get up and deal with the general suckiness of life but isn’t it kind of awesome how two world collide? If you’re lucky and the dream is a really good one, the kind that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy then that moment right before you wake up will extend to your whole day. There’s something about having a fantastic dream that makes your outlook on the day that is to come really positive.

How I wish I’d had a good dream.

It takes me a little while to get my bearings straight. I must’ve been really exhausted the previous night to not remember falling asleep. I’m not the kind of person that falls asleep the second their head hits the pillow. It’ll take at least five mini meltdowns before I realise that there’s nothing much I can do about the fact that my stomach’s getting a little too round again for my liking whilst I’m wearing my Scooby-Doo pyjamas.

Yeah, Bentley better stop kicking me out of the gym. 

But getting back to more important issues, I may be slightly disoriented but not enough to forget whose bed I’m in or whose shirt I’m wearing. I’m surrounded by Cole’s scent and his arms that are usually wound tight around me but have loosened their hold in the night. The sun’s streaming in through the windows and it must be late morning now, around 10 am if I were to guess. My mental calendar tells me that it’s Saturday and that I shouldn’t panic because I’ve got nowhere to be but there’s a sudden clawing at my chest. I feel a sudden panic grip me that makes me subtly struggle out of Cole’s arms and out from the bed. He makes a sound when I get up but goes back to sleep, I guess last night must have been exhausting for him to, I didn’t really know that he’d be back.

The thought fuels my actions and on an autopilot mode, I quickly change into my clothes from last night and grab my things, my phone’s battery is dead but I’m sure Cole must’ve let Sarah know that her roommate didn’t wind up dead in the middle of the woods. 

As noiselessly as I can manage I sneak out of Cole’s room, only to run into his roommate Eric in the kitchen. He’s a nice guy but we don’t usually see each other because of our schedules and it’s a little embarrassing to meet him while I’m supposedly doing the walk of shame.

He’s helping himself to a cup of coffee and offers me one when I greet him. 

“No thanks, I…I’ve got to hurry.”

He raises a brow but doesn’t ask more questions, I obviously look a little frazzled. “Do you want me to tell Cole something?”

“No, uh I’ll text him but thanks.” I give him a small smile and feel his gaze on the back of my head as I leave.

“He was freaking out last night when he came back. Is everything okay?”

I pause at the door and think about my answer, is everything okay? Turning towards him, I give Eric a reassuring smile.

“Yeah, we just had some miscommunication issues. It’s all good now.”

He doesn’t look like he believes me, “Great, well I don’t know if he’s gotten a chance to tell you but my girlfriend wants us to have dinner with you two. Let me know whenever you’re free so she can do the planning she loves to do so much.” 

He has such an adorable look on his face as he thinks about her that I smile despite my inner turmoil. 

“Sure, we should be free sometime next week before the professors start cracking the whips.” 

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