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The next day-

Surprisingly, schools all over Japan weren't closed.
After a rescue attempt that took hours, it was surveyed that...

Over 1k people died in yesterday's incident.

Sir nighteye had called a meeting in, the topic.

So far we know he isn't human and there are more like him.
What else do we know?" Sir nighteye asked.

While we were fighting him yesterday...

He said he was a demon, the Monarch of them all...
He said he was royalty.
I don't know if he was just boosting his ego or telling the truth but I wouldn't be surprised if he was..." Yaoyorozu spoke up.

"A demon?
That makes sense, but royalty?
A Monarch?
That would mean he ruled over all demons...

How many more are there?
are they a threat to us?
Can Midoriya transform people into demons?
If he's a demon, the Monarch of them all.
What's he doing here?
What's his purpose?"

Midoriya, before we found out he was a villain, did tell us back at UA that he feeds off of negativity.
He uses it for power.
Maybe that's why?"
Kirishima added.

"That would make sense.
Hm, we need books about demons.
Real information.
Chisaki must've known about them somehow so there have to be some books about it.
Looks like we're all going to Kyoto.
There's a library there with information on literally everything." Sir nighteye declared.

Everyone internally groaned but they were also somewhat determined in an attempt to try and stop Midoriya.

"However, before we go.
More information is needed.


Bakugo is a demon from the information we already know so I'm sure he joined the league by will.

But what about these 2?
They don't display any demonic features and Endeavor.

You can confirm, you aren't a demon and neither is your wife.

"Of course not?!
Shoto has been Brainwashed by that scum villain" endeavor hissed.

"Does Midoriya possess a brainwashing ability?" Nighteye asked once more.

"He does...

However, it's obvious when someone is under his mind control.
The issue is..

Todoroki and Shinsou didn't show any signs of being under his control.
It was like...

They did it of their own will.

Is there any reason as to why the 2 would become villains...?" Kirishima asked.

Silent stares were all directed at endeavor.
Everyone could see Shoto's scar and the way he was professionally trained before coming to UA was enough evidence to show that endeavor definitely had done something.

"Why are you all staring at me?!" Endeavor hissed at the class.

He had told us stories about you...

The way his older brother had passed because of you, how he was forced to train by the ripe age of 5, and how his mom was the reason of his sca-"

"ENOUGH!" Endeavor spat.

"Is this true??" Aizawa asked.

Endeavor sighed and shook his head, "yes but I've been trying to change and atone to what I've done...
I know that doesn't change the past.
I understand I made a mistake.

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