Heart To Heart

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The room is engulfed in darkness when I hear the faint noise of the door being opened slowly. I groan and bury my head deeper into Jake's blankets, sleep washing over my body. His scent radiates off everything and it's the only place I feel comfort. I've automatically associated his scent with safety so when I can't sleep, his room is my safe haven.

The mattress dips and I feel him settle beside me, his presence causing the hairs on the back of my neck to prick with anticipation. Despite being half asleep, I reach out, my hand resting on his arm.

"Where have you been?" I mumble sleepily. He wraps an arm around me, pulling me closer towards him.

"It doesn't matter, go back to sleep." Jake whispers, his warm breath tickling my ear. I sigh contently and press further into him, getting comfortable. Jake coughs behind me and clears his throat, adjusting himself. I groan in protest and open one eye, turning halfway to question him —

"What's wrong?"

"You were backing up into me Muffin, no guy is going to be okay with that."

It takes me a few seconds to register what he's saying before I burst out laughing.

"Sorry, I'll try and keep my movements to a minimum." I smile in the dark before leaning forward. I peck his lips and squirm when I feel something warm and wet. I quickly turn around to flick the bedside lamp on and blink as my vision adjusts to the brightness. When I look down, my hands are stained in fresh blood and I gasp.

"Oh my god. You're bleeding."

His lower lip is split, the blood slowly dripping from it. I can see the shadow of a bruise darkening under his eye and his hands are a total mess, swollen and the skin tinged with red.

"Jake, what the hell happened?" I ask, my eyes wide with worry. He glances down at his fists before his eyes flicker elsewhere, avoiding eye contact with me.

"I don't want to lie to you." He mumbles under his breath and I sit up straighter, my features twisted in confusion. "You don't need to lie to me."

As soon as I finish speaking Jake sighs and stands up, turning his back on me. Within seconds he disappears out of the door and I hear him walk along the landing before entering the bathroom. The image of his bloody lip and bruised eye flashes through my mind on a continuous loop. Has he been fighting with the guy from the park?

I stand up, folding my arms across my chest to keep myself warm. As I'm walking towards the bathroom, I can hear him mumbling behind the door, making little sounds of discomfort. I push the door open and it creaks, alerting Jake of my presence.

"Let me help you," I say softly, my words barely a mumble. He pauses and turns around slowly, his eyes fixed on the clothes I'm wearing. It's one of his shirts, ending a few inches above my knee.

"You always look good in my stuff."

I blink at his response, wondering why he keeps on changing the subject. His words however cause me to blush and I decide to change the subject again before I turn into a bright red tomato.

"Did you find him? Did he hurt you?" I whisper, remembering Creepy Guy's voice and his dark eyes. Thinking of the way his eyes looked into mine causes me to shudder. His entire presence screamed danger and I never want to experience it again. Jake pauses and drops his head, his shoulders tense.

"I didn't find him. I ended up getting into trouble with somebody else."

"Who?" I ask, taking a step towards him. He glances up at me, blue eyes flashing with apology.

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