" Get up Camilla!!! Now!!!" Alicia shouted as she tried to grab onto Camilla's arm, leading to the nearest exit door.

" No!! I can't go!! " Camilla loudly Refused , throwing a fit as if she were a little child. Camilla was on the floor with her arms around her knees , crying.

The Loud Music abruptly halted. Everyone's focus went from the DJ to the brawl between a tan dude with a buzz cut and Chris. The tan dude was not too buff but not too slim. He wore a wife beater tank top, Levi's , and timberland boots. By the way he was trying to fight back, you could tell that he was well intoxicated. He had people behind him, throwing alcohol bottles like bitches while There were people behind Chris, defending him . Chris was repetitively punching the man's face, particularly nose and mouth. People were now surrounding the fight, recording and taking pictures. I couldn't have a care in the world why Chris and that dude were fighting, all I wanted was for Camilla to get her ass up so her and Alicia could be safe.

I stood up, searching where Camilla and Alicia might be. I stood on the couches and looked around until my eyes landed by the bar, where Camilla was in fetal position with Alicia, whom was panicking as she tried to pull Camilla. It took all the energy in me to run all the way to the bar, pushing people out of the way.

" CAMILLA! GET UP NOW! " I exclaimed, grabbing her hand.

" No! I can't go! I c-cant leave!" Camilla hyperventilated , snatching her hand back, once again wrapping it around her bare legs.

This was going to be harder than I thought.

" Camilla I'm going to need you to get up right now. Something bad could escalate and it's better safe then sorry" I stated, reassuring her.

" What about Chris?!? He might get hurt and we won't even be here to help him" Camilla wiped a tear as she looked down, ashamed as her finger quickly twitched . I know she had something to do with this fight, I just have a good feeling. If any body part of her body twitches and if you're quick and smart could make out that she was hiding something. She's just might act innocent and act as if it never happened.

" Go Camilla!!! I'll be fine !" Chris yelled lough enough for Camilla to hear him. He probably have heard us.

" Come on ! Lets go !" I grabbed both of Alicia and Camilla's hand, hurrying my pace out of the club. What a nice way to end your stressful night? Sarcasm Intended. Once we've made our way to my car, we rushed in without waiting any further moment. Camilla slipped off her heels and sat in the backseat, extending her legs. I roared the engine to life and drove out of Club Paradise. Silence rang through the car. No one said a word until Alicia Began.

" Camilla, do you know what happened?" She asked, her voice filled with concern. Hesitantly, Camilla spoke .


" Camilla do you know what happened"? Alicia finally asked , interrupting the silence.

I took a look back in time in my head to refresh my memory of what just happened.

~ * ~

" Want another drink?" Chris asked, tilting his head to the side as he grabbed a hold to my waist. By this time it was around two o'clock in the morning and I wasn't even tired yet. The alcohol had people falling on the floor on full intoxication and acting abnormal. Chris held me close from the alcoholics.

" Sure" I replied. Chris informed me he would be back and to stay where I'm at. I obeyed his demand and stood awkwardly , shifting my weight on my other leg. I pulled out my IPhone and scrolled through Instagram photos, liking photos until I was tapped on the shoulder impatiently, which forced me to look up in curiosity.

" Baby..." The man of a deep voice began. His voice was rough and raspy . " I haven't seen yo ass in a long time"

" Who are you? " I questioned. My natural instinct was to get the hell away from this man but remembering What Chris said, I stood my ground. I took a few steps back and the man walked slowly towards me, invading my personal privacy. The Club lights flashed brightly, exposing the unknown man's face. It was Ricky, my ex boyfriend . I don't know how he would find me here, maybe it was a coincidence? I left him for a reason , I don't know why he was back for me. I had an abusive relationship with Ricky so I had to leave him. I had enough after two years of an abusive relationship . Even though I loved Ricky with all my heart, I just knew I couldn't be in a relationship like that. The relationship was unstable , plus we had too many arguments to even count.

" It's me babe. You miss me?" Ricky slurred, grabbing both of my arms , pulling me closer to him . At this point , I was extremely uncomfortable with Ricky's presence around me. I struggled to get away from him but damn he had a good grip.

" Get off of me!" I exclaimed as I scowled at him in anger. A few moments later of struggling, Chris appeared. Perfect timing.

" Get your Hands of her!!" Chris appeared and Shoved Ricky away. " What the fuck are you trying to do?" Chris inquired as he narrowed his eyes at Ricky . He gently pushed me behind him, protecting me from anything that was bound to happen.I grew worried of what Chris was about to either do or say to Ricky.

" She's MY bitch, I'll handle her however I want whether you like it or not." Ricky said, putting the emphasis on my. I already know That set Chris off. Chris clenched his fists in anger, trying to compose himself but he failed. He was about to explode any minute.

" Repeat what you just said, I dare you" Chris said through his teeth, anger filled through his voice.

" She's my bitch!! You got a problem?" Once Ricky said that, Chris's Fist made contact to Ricky's left cheek hardly, sending Ricky to the floor. I gasped, appalled.

" You want to say it again?!" Chris interrogated , repetitively punching Ricky .

" Chris no!! " I gasped . Bottles were being thrown around and people were exiting the club as fast as they could, knocking me over Hardly onto the cold floor. I cried as blood was splattered onto the dance floor, coming all from Ricky . At that moment , everything around me felt so surreal . Alicia approached me.

" What's wrong cammie?" She asked in a worried tone. Not being able to a word, I simply pointed at Chris , who was still punching Ricky . The sight of the fight caused me to tremble in fear.

" what about him?? Why is he fighting with the guy?? Come on , lets go before anything wrong happens " Alicia said as she grabbed my hand trying to raise me up

" No! I can't go, it's all my fault" I sobbed, placing my hands to my face.

" We need to go before the fight escalates!! Lets go! Jacob?!" Alicia said, before calling Jacob. Jacob had his hands on his head as if he were in deep thought before he caught his eye on us.~

~ * ~

I told Alicia what happened earlier, pertaining to my memory. In return, Alicia was silent, as if she as searching what to say. I would be too if someone were to tell me something like that .

Jacob slammed his hands on the steering wheel, which startled both Alicia and I.

" I told you long time to ago to stop fucking with that Ricky dude !! He's nothing but trouble!" Prince yelled.

Jacob already knew about my abusive relationship and he didn't like it one bit, I wasn't surprised when he yelled at me. Jacob's yelling and anger left Alicia in shock however. She tried to move away from Jacob as far as possible as she trembled. Does Jacob abuse Alicia ? He would be such of a hypocrite if he actually did.

" It wasn't my fault! I didn't expect him to be there" I retorted .

" Bullshit, you knew exactly what the circumstances were going to be if you dated him, but your stubborn ass decided to go against your will and put every single person's life in danger at the club and that's what aggravates me. You're too into yourself to realize that he's not good for you or anyone around you. What happened when he laid his hands on you?" Jacob asked furiously as he drove.

" Jacob you're not my father...stop acting like you are one. Why do you even care so much anyway?! You're happy with your girlfriend now so you shouldn't have any part of my relationship life!" I exclaimed , fuming with anger. I swear it took ever bit in my body not to get out of my seat and punch the shit out of Jacob. He knows my past so why would he bring it up, especially when Alicia was in the car .

" well you wouldn't know who your father is anyways! I care cause you're my cousin and I don't want the same thing that happened to Aunt Isabella happening to you. Do I want you to struggle raising a child who will be clueless of their father?! Do I want you to be in a position where you have nowhere to live?! No cause I actually care, unlike your mother who lets you just roam around this city with a bunch of guys. I'm actually appalled she wouldn't say anything, knowing that she got knocked up and abandoned. I actually thought she would protect you from all of this. But she is just weak as you are now. " prince shrugged. That set me off. I've had it up to here with him bad talking my mother , he doesn't even know his father anyways.

" Jacob don't you dare bad talk my mother like that! My mother cares for me!! You're mother lets you go around everywhere and doesn't care! Don't talk about how I don't have a father when you don't even know yours either so don't play that shit with me ! I'm tired of you talking about me like I'm a burden to my mother's life! Don't worry about my life, I don't need you to be !"

Jacob's grip on the steering wheel immediately tightened and he clenched his teeth in anger. I knew he was furious but I couldn't have a care in the world how he feels right about now. I feel good that I actually told him how I felt . The rest of the car ride was silent like it was ten minutes ago. Jacob's Car pulled up to the side of my house and I got out, not saying a word.

Alicia waved her hand at me, indicating her farewell. In return, I flashed a weak smile and waved back. All I want to do is just go to bed, the drama was enough for today.~


I was taken back from all the yelling, mainly from prince. I felt as if I were in deja vu , imagine Issa yelling at me, bound to punch me. Replaying all of the abusive moments made me flinch in my seat. I hope prince isn't who I think he is. A tear rolled down my cheek as the moments sever very vivid in my mind. Each punch that crept through my head made my squint my eyes in emotional pain. I felt so ashamed I would let someone do that to me for a year and a half. It makes me feel like I'm worthless. I sniffed and wiped my tears, making my sadness unnoticeable from prince.

" Baby what's wrong?" Prince asked, placing his hands on my shoulder. A flinched at first , thinking he was about to slap me. Prince seemed to notice my flinch, I already know he had a feeling that I was crying. My eyeliner probably ran through my cheeks.

" Do you actually think I would hit you? Alicia?" He asked, rubbing his hand down my back.


" I would never do such a thing, I'm not even like that. I don't want you to be scared around me, it would just make me feel worse about myself" he pecked my on my cheek.

That would make him feel worse about himself? What other things would make him feel bad about himself.

" it's just....while you were yelling at Camilla, my abusive past popped up into my was vivid" I said, trying to manage my voice after crying .

" I'm so sorry. If I knew my yelling would make you feel a certain way, I wouldn't of raise my voice one bit. It's just....Camilla could make me so angry at times y'know ?"

I nodded in approval.

" I don't want you to feel like I would ever hurt you....we've been together for six months, I don't want to ruin it so soon anytime soon so you don't have to worry about any negative stuff I would do to you." Prince assured me . I guess he was different from all the boys I've

dated. It actually made me feel happy to have a normal relationship for once in my life.

" Thanks, you made me feel better" I began with a sigh " what was all that about...with you and Camilla?"

" Oh Camilla and I? Nothing really. Her mother is just careless and doesn't really care for the the safety of her daughter, the way I see it"

The rest of the car ride was silent. Not a type of silent where you are dreading for someone to say a word, a soothing type of quiet , rather.

Prince pulled up to the front of my house. He got out of his seat and jogged around the other side of his BMV, opening the door for me. I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. As prince closed the car the door, I was already making my way up to the front door.

Moments later, prince caught on to where I was at.

" I'll call you tomorrow , goodnight " Prince yawned, kissing me before making his way down the steps to my house.

I walked into my house, closing the door behind me. I was expecting all of the lights to be out by now but the kitchen light gleamed brightly. I heard a deep chuckle, coming from my father and a faint chuckle, deriving from a woman. Who is my dad talking to around three 'clock in the morning.that intrigued me to go into the kitchen with my curiosity. I walked into the large kitchen to see my dad resting his back on a counter with an unknown lady leaning onto the kitchen table. They both held champagne glasses. The woman was light skin lady with honey brown hair. The lady appeared to be in her 30s and had a slim body. She wore a red velvet bodycon dress with black and silver stillletos to match .

Appalled that I was already was there, both the lady and my father jumped in shock.

Trying to catch his breath and compose himself my father asked " why aren't you in bed already and where have you been? he said in a less than an effort of a stern voice .

" what are you doing with this lady in our house at this late?" I scowled at my father, ignoring his question .

" I didn't expect telling you like this. it was the wrong timing but it's better to know now than never." Jermaine Began..." This is Andrea" he said , gesturing to the lady . The lady half smirked and waved.

" And? Who is she?" I asked, rolling my n .

" We've been seeing each other for a while now and... We're getting married soon...she's my finance now and she'll be living with us."

I literally felt like I've been beaten down by a brick. He kept something so vital away from me , and act like there was nothing going on with his life. That explains and the late night going somewhere and not answering my calls. I knew my trust bond with him wasn't big at all, very little rather but it's over now between him and I. The lady looked like she didn't have a care in the world about what was going on. She just stood their, taking small sips of her champagne. This girl is supposed to be in our house....that was once only shared by my dad and I . I was so accustomed to being with my dad only and Mia occasionally but now I'm forced to adjust with some unknown lady? I felt ultimately betrayed .

" when did you guys started seeing each other?" I Hesitantly asked, composing myself from lashing out at my dad.

" Since last year in about march" Jermaine said , grinning at Andrea. She winked at him.

The way my father looked at Andrea made me sick to my stomach.

" and you never bothered to tell me until you were caught in your own mess?" I asked whilst shifting my weight onto my right leg.

" as I've told was bad timing and it is what it is now.she can be your mother figure in your life" Jermaine said happy.

Those last few words that slipped out of his mouth made me want to punch the front set of teeth on his mouth. How could he say that if he knows damn well he's never talked about my mother. I don't even know my mother.

" she can be my mother...." I began as I chuckled " There is no way in hell this hooker you met on the streets is going to be my mother! Are you slow or is this hoe making you dumb cause you're acting real funny-"

" WATCH YOUR DAMN MOUTH ALICIA!! " my father cut me off with his raged yelling .

" where is my mom?! Huh dad!? Where is she?? I don't give a fuck about this tramp standing in front of me , what about MY own mother who gave birth to me. I want my mother, and you've never told me about her. Whenever I would ask you about her, you changed the subject as if it were touchy. Why? Cause you had this calling your phone all the damn time?" I interrogated, referring to Andrea.

At this point Andrea was furious , looking at Alicia's father, expecting him to do something.

" Shut your mouth now!! This is my wife and your new mother and you're going to accept it, whether you like it or not. I'm not going to tolerate you talking bad on Andrea and I'm sure as Hell I'm not having you call her out of her name. Do you understand me? My house, my rules" Jermaine exclaimed.

" you care about some girl you've met for only a year and a half over you're own child....quite a father you must be" I shook my head, a faint chuckle escaped my mouth.

" shes special " my father stated, causing Andrea to hug on him, leaving me there dumbfounded. I could've sworn something like this was bound to come, it all involved perfect timing. My heart fell down to the pit of my stomach. He's really going to say that over a girl he met a little after a year but he's known me my whole life and never said that ? This is one of the times where I yearned for my long lost mother. I wish I could've known her than my inconsiderate father. Nowadays all he cares about is money and his now new edition , his "wife". Tears began to from in my eyes, causing my eye vision to become blurry.

" I'm not going to cry in front of them. I'm not going to cry in front of them. I'm not going to cry in front of them" I chanted in my head. There was no way I was going to give them their satisfaction, especially Andrea. I knew she despised me from the jump, that's why she laughed and made intimate faces at my father whenever he would acknowledge her.

I turned my heels, facing the front door. My power walk formed into a jog , which was escalated to me running out the door.


That was all I could think in my mind. I needed to get away, away from my father and his hooker. I know Andrea wouldn't Care. Hell , my father wouldn't neither so what was the use of me staying here?

Whilst I was running, I felt water drops pelt onto my head. It began raining. The rain seeped onto my heels and dress, making me drenched. My feet began throbbing but I didn't care , I just wanted to escape life at the moment .

After running, which seemed like hours I was drowsy, and was shivering. All. Wore was a short dress and heels and each raindrop felt like it was Icicles whipping my skin. I would've called Rachel by now, but at this point, my phone was most likely to be damaged by the rain. I had no choice but to ask somebody for help. As much as I told myself not to, I knew it was the right thing to do. You never know who is outside around four a.m. At night time. I hesitantly rung on a random door bell, waiting on the steps. From what I could see, whoever owned this house was awake , in a certain room though. Momentarily, a tall figure appeared at the door. The slight breeze of warm are, which smelt like fresh pine surrounded my skin.

The person was trying to decipher who I was, by turning on a phone light, quickly flashing it by my face.

" Alicia?! Is that you ?! What are you doing all the way here?" A male voice loudly rang through my ears. By the sound of his voice, I could tell that he was shocked. I was wondering who this person was myself.~

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