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sex in fanfictions is like eugh

no condom? it's okay, she's coincidentally on birth control!

and what the fuck happened to stds?!

and also if she's on her period they don't have sex at all like 1) you can and it's actually smoother because the blood acts like a lubricant and 2) if you're as horny as fanfiction characters you won't mind?!

i'm actually super confused when it comes to sex in fanfiction like they never says it hurts when the girl has sex for the first time and doesn't masturbate? and the guy finds her gspot in 0.03 seconds?!?!

like are you really a virgin or just lying to get the other cause you kind of aren't making sense?!

christ society these days 10 year olds are writing smut and when i was 10 i was like "wtf is this thing called a vagina" and i thought all humans had vaginas.

facepalming at 10 y/o me

peace out girl scouts,

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