The Switch

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No one POV:

Bakugou was babysitting Eri the two were actually pretty close. Bakugou took Eri to the park after getting some ice cream. Bakugou carried her so that he wouldn't lose her he was very overprotective over her. Then someone tripped knocking them all down

"Oh my god I'm so sorry" the man said and ran in a hurry

"Wait what's happening!?" Bakugou yelled angrily but the man was already to far gone, both him and Eri were glowing

"It's going to be okay" he said comforting the scared girl, she nodded looking into his eyes then the glow got brighter blinding both of them and when they opened their eyes Eri was a adult probably in her 20's and bakugou was no older than 3

"What the hell!?" Bakugou yelled standing up and then falling back on his butt

"Bakugou?" Eri asked looking at the small child

"Oh my god Eri!?" He asked she nodded and stood up and picked him up

"We got to get back to UA" she said

"No I can't go like this and put me down!" He whined not struggling or hitting cause he doesn't want to hurt her or fall

"I'm sorry but it's easier this way" she said and walked fast

"Um I think we need new clothes first" bakugou said she stopped and looked bakugou was only wearing a large shirt and her clothes grew with her but where still really childish for someone her "age"

"Agreed" she said and hurried into a store she put on a shirt and skirt with some thigh highs that she saw on a manikin at hot topic and got bakugou a bunny sweater that was a little big and shorts with thigh high socks and a pull up just in case, he did argue on but lost. Then they hurried and got a taxi back to UA both of them were tired

"Ok everyone is still in class so no one will see us like this and question" Eri said her mind being more and more like a adult and bakugou started being babyish with out noticing

"Hurry" bakugou said she nodded and walked fast through the halls and knocked hair on class 1A's door

"Yes- um come in?" Mr.Aizawa said letting the two in all eyes were on them

"You two look very oddly familiar too someone I know Eri and Baku-" He got cut off by bakugou

"Cause we are!" He yelled the whole class went shocked, Eri sat him on the floor

"We got hit with a quirk it should wear off in 24 hours" Eri said, Aizawa nodded shocked the class gathered around them

"E-Eri k-ka-acchan!?" Deku asked stunned

"Nerd." Bakugou said plainly Eri gave a nervous laugh

"Yep and bakugou be nice" she scolded bakugou he huffed

"Awe bakubro you're adorable!" Kirishima said picking him up by his armpits and lifting him

"Let me see him!"

"And me!"

"Me first!" Everyone began arguing, and bakugous child mind came in and he started crying. Eri took bakugou back into her arms and rocked him

"Quite!" She yelled everyone went silent and realized what they had done

"Hey it's okay" she said rocking him side to side tell he fell asleep

"Are you guys serious he's just a baby they are sensitive to loud noises!" She whisper yelled not wanting to wake him up and walked out of the class

"What just happened?" Denki asked everyone nodded

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