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【posted on 27/06/2021】

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livhendrix: why are your cropping skills still the worst?

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livhendrix: why are your cropping skills still the worst?

secondsofhood: ^ I—

catkaylen: @livhendrix THE SHADIEST 😅😂

calumhood: @livhendrix kindly stop

5sostoursss: ^ see? even cal hates her

michaelclifford: @livhendrix is right, Cal. Why is my forehead gone?

livhendrix: @catkaylen cal knows i love him 🙄

livhendrix: a moment of silence for @michaelclifford 's missing forehead 🙏🏽

lukehemmings: I think the pic looks good.

livhendrix: @lukehemmings that's because you're the only one that isn't cropped weirdly. @calumhood i'm suspending your photo editing privileges indefinitely.

ashtonirwin: my hair is gone

vaporsos: ^^ this series of comments i can't 😂

livhendrix: @ashtonirwin wig was snatched by hood

drewsauce: ^ confirmation that ashton is balding

sgfghood: i'm claiming ash's one hair curl visible in this pic 😂

livhendrix: @drewsauce nope. confirmation that calum is a shitty photo editor :)

calumhood: @livhendrix this took a turn😔

untilsafetypin: liv is so savage 😅 how has calum stayed her friend???? i'd be so triggered all the time

hemmoxoxo: OLIVIA IS A BITCH

cristalleigh: I had two moments of silence for mikey @livhendrix 😔

ashtonsbandana: no one is reacting to the caption tho................

livhendrix: @crystalleigh wife material js -cough- @michaelclifford -cough-

cashtonx: @ashtonsbandana Right?! I think they're leaving Australia for the US again. Hopefully we get more videos with their accents

calumhood: @livhendrix my comment section is always overrun by you livvy 🙃

livhendrix: @calumhood you're welcome

"Are you seriously gonna abandon me for four attractive famou— Never mind. I heard it," my melodramatic, but adorable, best friend and roommate, Cat, says.

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