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Rodrick drops me off at my place and I get out giving him a quick peck before going into my house. I had plenty to do. I quickly dashed upstairs knowing it would just barely be enough time for me to get ready. I grab a really pretty sunburnt orange ombré into sunset yellow triangle with underwire bikini.

For reference that's what it looks like^^

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For reference that's what it looks like^^

I grabbed it and a towel and my shower essentials , body scrub, razor, baby oil, conditioner, and cleanser as well as body wash. I hop in the shower taking a very quick but thorough shower. As I hop out I put some lotion on and spray some product in my hair. I throw the swimsuit on and a large Yungblud Loner T-shirt over it. I grab my bag with some tanning oil and beach towel, extra clothes , etc, throw some flip flops on, grab my keys and head downstairs. Just as I reach downstairs I see Rodrick's can pull up and honk its horn vigorously. I laugh and exit my house locking the door behind me.  I eagerly get into the passenger seat . Rodrick peels out and heads to the pool.

We pull up to the pool and everyone hops out. We find a table to put our stuff at. The boys eagerly run to the pool and jump in. I watch Rodrick throw his black T-shirt off leaving him in some black and red flame swimming shorts. I pull the shirt I had on over my head. "Damn baby." Rodrick says looking me up and down. "Careful no don't get a boner at the public pool." I laugh. "You wanna play huh?" Rodrick says getting up. I knew I was in trouble then. He quickly scooped me up and brought me to the deep end jumping into the pool with me in his arms. As we came to the surface I laughed my ass off and dunked his head under water. He kissed my stomach while under the water. I have him a kiss on the lips before splashing him in the face and quickly swimming  my away. He may be tall but I'm a much better swimmer than him.

"No fair." He shouts from across the pool trying his hardest to catch up to me. "Shark bait!" I shout using Rowley and Greg as human shields. Rodrick just smiles evily dunking both of the underwater as I dash away. Rodrick finally catches up to me grabbing me by my waist from behind holding me close. He kisses my neck and nuzzled his face into the crook of it. I smile. I swim away getting out and heading to our table to get my towel. Rodrick swims up to the edge of the pool near our table. "Why'd you get out baby?" He pouts. "I wanna tan for a little bit don't worry bub I'll come back in soon." I smile blowing him a kiss. "Alrighty." He says as he swims away going to mess with Greg and Rowley. I throw some sunglasses on and spray my tanning water on my skin. Leaning back into the chair enjoying the sun. I hear someone's heavy breathing and the chair my feet were propped up on being moved.

I take my sunglasses off and see Rowley sitting down drying off. "Having fun?" I ask. "Yeah thanks for bringing us." He says awkwardly. "Yeah sure no problem kid." I smile. He turns tomato red. I shrug my shoulders and get back to the book I was reading. Less than a minute later Rowley speaks up again. "Soo what are you reading there?" He asked. "Just a book about astronomy and astrology." I reply absentmindedly. "Is it good?" I sigh and shut the book. "Very." I say. "Umm you want a pretzel or pizza from the concessions?" He asks me. "That's nice of you but I'm good bud." I reply checking my phone for texts. "Soo um how long have you and Rodrick been together ?" He asks me scooching closer. "Umm about like 5 months." I say still looking at my phone. "That's a long time huh?" He asks still moving closer. I start to take notice at this point. "Uh yeah not really but it's longer than my other relationships have lasted." I say sitting back in my chair. "You look really pretty in that swimsuit [name]" he says putting an arm near mine on the table.  At this point I'm uncomfortable so I get up throwing my shirt on over my swimsuit and walk to the park a couple meters away from the pool area.

I sit on the bench and reflect on what just happened. Very unwelcome energy. I decide to play some of my favorite music since literally no one is near me. I sign along to my favorite Blackbear song quietly. "Pretty voice." I hear from behind me. I turn and see Rodrick either a towel round his neck smiling at me. "Oh sorry." I blush. "Don't apologize baby I love when you sing." He said sitting next to me. I smile and move so that I'm straddling him. I hug his chest tightly. "What's all this for baby?" He asks. "Nothing I'm just in a cuddly mood." I say nuzzling my face into his warm chest. "Alright then babes." He says kissing the top of my head chuckling lightly. We sit there for a little while before he drags me back to the pool to swim for a bit longer.

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