Officially putting this story on hold

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I am officially putting this story on hold.

Despite all my efforts, some of you are still very pushy about my updating. Some of you are even telling me what I should and should not write.

I hate that I've had to come to this. Mainly because a lot of you are so sweet to me and now I feel like I'm punishing you guys for doing nothing wrong.

I'm just so sick of people telling me how to write a story I've already completely planned out. And I've already posted an entire note about why I haven't updated, and the list of reasons to not update just keeps getting longer. I'm focusing on my original writing now. I don't have much time for fanfiction.

I'm sorry that those of you who have been so nice and patient are being punished along with those who have not. 

I just don't need the stress that comes along with this story.


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