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WALKING TO SCHOOL, which didn't take too long to get to, by the time I got there I was already 2nd period. It didn't matter all too well anyways so I took my time, I didn't have to go to school at the end of the year since they didn't even take attendance anymore but it beats staying home with them.

Damien was already here before me, since well you know. He's in most of my classes but we never talk to each other. He was more of the popular kid than me, he had all the friends, all the ladies dreaming and drooling over him. He skipped classes whenever he wants without a care in the world. The teacher were somewhat afraid of him, it was odd since well of course he was a student. But I do say so myself he is scary. The teachers however had no control over him so they let him be.

Well for me, I at least had one friend, but I'm grateful for him. His been there when we were what five years old. I remember when we were five and he protected me from bullies back then, they were causing me trouble always picking on me so he scaring them off threatening them if they every laid a hand on me, he would cut there dicks off. I tell you there where crying to their moms, literally. He was a brother i wished for. He's name is Charlie.

Charlie was a wonderful person, he had a cute and squishy face complexion much like me, but was much taller than me. With dirty blond hair that was parted in weird ways with dark black eyes. Charlie was the total opposite of me, he vaped every once and a while but never pressured me, in fact he never does it in front of me. Black painted nails that he coated so often, Charlie was a good looking guy. But of course he was kinda bi but mostly leaning towards guys.

I finally made it to my 2nd period class, the sounds of laughter and clattering filled my ears, that loud you were able to hear it echoing through the hallways. Grabbing the doorknob, I opened the door wide to be seen by everyone. Literally their eyes immediately were on me once I opened that door. I shuddered in nervousness, walked in with my hung low, moving away from there eyes that followed my every step.

I saw as Damien was there. His feet on his desk as he relaxed.

The teacher saw as I walked up to his desk," it doesn't matter if you're late. Go take your seat, Sorin." The teacher instructed me back to reading his book of 'The girl with the pearl earring.'

I nodding walking towards my seat in the end of the class near the window on the right. Of course I got slurs here and there, it was a very day routine. Once I passed their seats, I even managed to get tripped by one of the jocks. But of course I let it be.

Just held my tears back and cried in the inside while I bit my lip harshly.

Nether in school am I safe, no where is safe for me. No one wants me. No one is going to want. I'm just too unloveable. That why I have to leave.

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