Chapter 18 - Brooklyn

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(3 months later)

James' Pov

Dougie and Cole are having a baby! I am so excited for Dougie along with everyone else. He is going to be an amazing dad! Once everyone had calmed down we put back to the future on. About half way through the second one I felt someones head drop on my shoulder. Turning my head to find Lizzie was fast asleep. Lifting her up when trying not to wake her then taking her upstairs. Just after I lay her on the bed my phone buzzed.

Dude, how come she fell asleep? She never falls asleep during back to the future! EVER!!! Is she ok? - Danny

Quickly replying that she was just tired and that I was going to bed I turned my phone off and got into bed.

(3 months later)

Lizzie's Pov

Dougie and Cole are due in about 3 months and we have all taken time to help get everything done before the baby arrives. I'm due in about 2 months. I can't wait. Hopefully Keiran will love his little brother or sister.

(2 months later)

Matt's Pov

After about 2 hours of waiting patiently outside the room James comes out with the biggest smile on his face. "So who wants to meet the newest member of the family?" He askes as he opens the door wide and lets us all in. I quickly go and plant a quick kiss on Lizzie's head and look down at my niece or nefew. "So?" We wait patiently for Lizzie to tell us if it's a girl or a boy. "Meet Brooklyn. The newest member of this big crazy family." She laughed.

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