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Midoriya recharged the negative energy he had lost and chuckled as he looked around.
Fires were ablaze everywhere, buildings were destroyed, people were dying, and heroes could hardly stop anything.

Class A still found themselves unable to get up, they were quite literally...

Midoriya sighed, "UA is bound to close down with all of this being done.
We should leave before the other heroes decide to make this a bigger problem.
I'm tired"

"Alright everyone!
Let's return back to base, we've done enough damage for today" Midoriya announced.

The league nodded their heads as kurogiri opened warp gates and they all left.
Once they were back, Midoriya put on a quirk canceller.

He ended up releasing the class that was stuck Bowing.
"What happened here!?" Hawks shouted as he landed by the class.

"Midoriya..." They all said.

"He did all of this!?
Where did he go?!"

"He and the league left..."

"Emergency meeting is required now!" Sir nighteye shouted as he came running down the street.

Class a got up and shakily nodded their heads.
They followed sir nighteye to his conference room and sat down.
Soon other heroes started to come in.

"This meeting is going to be 5 minutes or less, there are people trapped under the rubble that need saving.
Anyways, we need to stop Midoriya.
Do any of you have information that serves some purpose?" Sir nighteye asked.

"He isn't human" Kaminari spoke up.
The other heroes looked at him confused.

"What do you mean by that?" Sir nighteye asked.

"He told us himself.
He's a demon..."

"Adding onto what Kaminari said...
He was holding a girl, she had long silver blue hair, a horn on the side of her head, a tail, and red eyes.
He claimed she was his daughter but later clarified she was adopted..." Kirishima added.

"A girl...?
By that description...

We were investigating Kai Chisaki and had found out he was doing experiments on some living thing before he was killed by the league.
He used these experiments in an attempt to make some kind of drug.

We found a picture relatively similar to that description in his lab room.
Did she look like this...?" Sir nighteye asked as he walked over to his desk and pulled out an image of Eri.

"Yeah that's her!"

First Midoriya claims he isn't human...

Then he claims this girl as his daughter...

Her features...
We found another horn in Chisaki's lab, it looks like it's been sawed off of her head.

Her horns and tail are like Midoriya's but in a different form.
Who else has horns and a tail...?" Sir nighteye began.

The class collectively looked at each other then at sir nighteye.

"Bakugo does..." They said.

Right, when he appeared during the kamino incident he had horns and a tail as well...
All 3 of them have demon like features.

And Midoriya claimed he wasn't human.

If he isn't human what would he be?
And how will we stop him...?" Sir nighteye asked aloud.

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