The Pain

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Detective Walker sits at his desk with a cup of coffee. It's 8pm and he's been working on your unannounced case for a week now.

It's unannounced because no one wants all of Seoul to know they're looking for the Chief of police's family.

He casually flips through the folder, not really even sure what's he's looking for.

"We've got The Suits, a missing family, and three men who were killed that no one knows about." He says to himself, "But why did Chief know? Well because of Ara. Though why was I told?"

He picks up a picture of the diner that Chief told them about. The diner you ran into. He stares at it, contemplating.

"The area this is in isn't safe... this is also where the men were killed. 9 times out of 10 the diner is in cahoots with The Suits." He mumbles

"But what would be the connection? Not just them being in the same place but this diner is a safe haven. The Suits don't touch it... so why?" He mutters

"Liam?" He hears Seena's small voice and closes the document

"Yea?" He says

Seena opens the door and places the plate on food in front of him.

"Eat." She says

"I'm fine—"

"Eat." She deadpans

Detective Walker chuckles and begins to eat.

"Go get your plate and eat with me." He says

Seena quickly nods and runs off. She returns with her food and two beers. She hands one off to Walker and then sits in a chair near his desk.

She places the beer down and begins to eat.

"So what do we know?"

"I shouldn't discuss matters of this case with you." He takes another bite

"Why not? I thought after this week we'd be close." She fake pouts

He smiles as he takes a swig of his beer, "Fine." He begins, "I don't know where to start. I have to be smart because everywhere could have one of them watching. Whether it be this diner or a cafe, I have no real leads and I'm not sure who to question. There haven't been any suspicious characters—"

"Oh my god." Seena says as she face palms

"What?" He ask

"At the party Ara met three guys. All with face mask, all very secretive. Then they asked her on a "not date.""

"The men she went on a date with. Who were these men?" Walker ask as he pulls out a piece of paper and a pen,

"Damn I think their names were...J.J? No that's not it, Kripple? Not that's not it either...J? Yes!" She claps as if a light bulb just went off, "J was one of them and I think... N.J? I'm not sure. Tula is their cousin so I could—"

"Tula your friend? The one who wouldn't accept protective custody?"

"Mm." She hums as she scoops some mashed potatoes into her mouth

"And you didn't think this was important?" Walker ask as he finishes writing some things down

"I'm sorry, Liam! It skipped my mind." She argues


"I didn't really pay attention to the detail. I was drunk, asshat."

Walker laughs at her remark, "I'll have her brought into the station tomorrow—"

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