Chapter 36

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"Hey, new girl. Can I get the usual please?" Steve, the guy with dreadlocks, came up to the counter and smiled. He was the first customer I served when I first started last Monday. He was kind enough to comment on my first try making an English toffee cappuccino.

"Sure thing." I smiled brightly. "Sab? Could you take my place at the register? Steve needs his fix." I chuckled and started to grab a cup and filled some espresso from the machine.

"Sure." Sab grinned.

Over the week, Sab and I had grown a bit close. I learned that her name was short for Sabina. The red head was a beauty to look at. She had these adorable freckles that were scattered lightly on her nose. Her hair was a healthy shade of orange red. You really couldn't see since it was hidden in a ponytail but her hair was naturally long and curly. She was only nineteen taking biochemistry as well. Jonny and Sab met in class during freshman year. When she heard that Jonny handled a café near the campus she took the chance to apply and took a part-time job.

Jonny handed my uniform which consisted of a brown apron and a pin that had my name on it on my first day. We were supposed to wear some khaki pants and a white polo shirt as a standard. Sab taught me how to operate the machines on the first hour of my shift. She also explained on how to handle the register. She then gave me a spiel on how to address the customers. All the basic training, I had accomplished in a week. Now, I was starting to get things to work smoothly. I spilt some milk on occasion but it was okay. I just needed to get used to it.

Before I even started my first day here at the café, I insisted that I drive Charles to the airport since my shift was at two in the afternoon. He only stayed for the weekend, major bummer. We had an awesome time despite what had happened that Saturday morning. I knew he was in a lot of pain but he really tried to cheer me up that day which I was grateful for. I had tried to not involve him in strenuous activities so we just decided to go sightseeing around the city.

We eventually met up with Hugh and Evan during dinner. Try to imagine the three of them together. Oh god, you had no idea how disastrous it was. They immediately clicked and made it to a point to make fun of my embarrassing high school moments. Halfway through dinner, Hugh couldn't contain his curiosity and had asked Charles what happened to his bottom lip. We looked at each other weirdly but Hugh caught it. He knew there was something that we should be telling him. I swear there was nothing you could keep away from him.

He told us that he already knew that it would happen eventually. He had warned me but I didn't listen. There wasn't much we could do anyway, it happened. Dinner went really well and they expected to see Charles around soon. Unexpectedly, Hugh warmed up to him despite his disapproval. After dinner and a few drinks, I drove Charles back to the hotel and thanked him for the day. He had smiled genuinely and hugged me tightly.

"Thank you, Olivia." He spoke softly through my hair.

I pulled away and stared at him, "Where is this coming from? You're getting mushy on me." I scrunched my nose in disgust but I was only doing it playfully.

He chuckled, "I have to be honest with you. It hasn't really been good for me. It was nice to escape even if it was a short trip. So, thank you." He smiled yet it didn't quite reach his eyes.

I frowned and thought this man was always happy to hit a conversation with me. I never thought it was that bad with the divorce or whatever it was that was bothering him. Whenever I asked, he would only dodge the question away which I found odd at that time. Yet, he still managed to say that he was fine. But now, he was just hiding everything from me.

"You could always talk to me. You know that right?" I looked into his eyes and I noticed all the pain he felt that was masked with his beautiful smile. It was the first time then that I saw the real Charles.

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