Chapter 1 - So thats his name ?

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Friday, 6:50 am

"Yn get up, you got school" i heard my brother say as i groaned. " 5 more minutes". i said before he pulled the cover off of me "no now". "ugh aight, I'm up"and then he left

I got up and looked at Isaac sleeping peacefully. I went into the bathroom and did my morning routine. I walked out the bathroom and went straight to the closet for an outfit. I got dressed, did my hair and then woke Isaac up for daycare. I gave him a bath , got him dressed into the same outfit like me but with a v-neck and then picked his afro. I grabbed our stuff and went downstairs.

"Uncle Devin" Zac (Isaac) said "wassup little man" they gave each other high fives.

I walked into the kitchen to fix Zac's lunch and snack , then his breakfast. I gave him his breakfast and went to go put our stuff in my car.


I dropped Zac off at daycare and i was on my way to school. I walked inside and saw Lang at the locker

"Hey baby"i said while walking up to him "wassup girl" he held me by my waist and kissed me "you dropped Zac off". "Yea, he asked about you". Ima go get him after school". i just stared at him and smiled "he's gonna be excited like always". "cause its me". He said while smirking "whatever, but i gotta go see ya baby". I said while walking away "so i dont get a kiss or somethin'". "Nope" i kept walking while laughing.

I walked into first period and seen my best friend Avery. We've been together since kindergarden, thats my main bitch

"Avery guuuurl" i giggled "my main bitch, yaaaaas" she turned around and looked at me "baby girl you looking cute" i said while looking at her outfit "shhhit you too booo , damn" we laughed at each other and i sat down behind her.


2:15 pm

This last period going slow as hell , I'm ready to go home. I was in class with Avery and Lang buggin' the fuck out, like always. "Yo, what time is it" Avery said while looking in her phone" "you have a phone in your face" Lang said "oh shit" we all laughed "i really forgot" Lang and i looked at her and shook our heads.

It was finally time to go home, like damn I've been waiting for this moment. Avery was telling me that she wanted to go to the mall so i agreed to go. We went to our locker, got our stuff and left. I drove home and waited for her to come.


"Baby girl, look at these" she pointed to some Jordans on her phone "those nice as hell" we walked around the mall for a while. We decided that we were ready to leave until she saw some cute ass boys walk pass

"Yn, look" "what" i looked and saw this cute ass boy. He had little curls and nice carmel skin. "Damn" was all i said "yo they walking towards us" i looked and seen them walking our way

"Aye wassup, my boy and i noticed ya was looking our way" boy 1 said
"Huh, oh naah we was lookin at somethin else" avery said "ya sure" the boy with the curls said "oh yea we positive" i added "oh well my name is Trevor" he said while looking at us but mostly Avery "And I'm Daniel, but i go by Diggy" mm so his name is Daniel. "Im Yn and this is Avery" We talked for a few minutes then we walked away.

"Damn i shouldve got his number" Avery semi yelled " Guuurl you gonna get me in trouble"i told her "how?" "Langston gurl" "damn i really forgot bout baby boy for a moment" she laughed we got in the car and drove home

I walked into the house to see Devin on the couch "Where you been at" Devin asked "Mall with Avery" "where's Isaac?" "With Langston" the doorbell rang and Devin answered it. He came back with a box of pizza and we ate. A few hours past and i got a call from Lang. "Isaac is gonna stay with me tonight" Lanston said "alright but let me speak to him"
I heard him give the phone to Zac

"Hey baby" "hi mommy" "what did you do with daddy today?" I asked " we got ice cweam and then went to the toy store" "whatcha get?" "I got a big twuck and toy cars" " thats great baby, you gonna go play with them" "yes" " okay , go ahead and put daddy on the phone" i heard shuffling and then Lang on the other line " what did you do?" He asked me "Mall with Avery" "you found anything" "yea a couple things"

We stayed on the phone for a little while then got off. I took a shower and just laid on my bed, few minutes later i felt my eyes close.

Hey guys, its Danae 👋. I made a new story cause "This Is Us" was boring and we didnt want to finish it. I'll be working on this story for now on.

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