Eine Gute Ficken

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Hitler walks into his office with his best nazi, but something doesn't feel right, this isn't his soldier.

He rips off the hat of this imposter only to watch soft, wavy brown hair flow out of it.

"Hey there big boy." whispers the girl into his ear, sending shivers down his spine (the good kind).

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Hitler demanded.

"Oh you know I love it when you take charge!" She hisses, caressing his face with her soft, warm hands. Hitler isn't sure why he does but when she does this he grabs her face and pulls it near to his.

He presses his lips firm to hers as he slowly slips his tongue into her mouth. She moans, pleased with his forwardness. They stand there for what seems like ages, lips and tongues intertwined. They slide into the couch and the soldier starts to unbutton her uniform.

"Fick mich!" She moans out. "Fick mich HART!!!" And with that, Hitler unbuttons his pants and takes out his penis.

"Oh mein gott, das dick ist länger als die liste der juden dich gegötet habe!" She screamed as she grabbed hold of it and shoved it into her vagina.

The two continued to face battle while Hitler swiftly moved his penis in and out of her vagina. The girl moaned and whimpered as her dicktator fucked her brains out. Hitler came into her and she cried out.

She did nazi that cumming.

She kissed him again and said "Später ficken junge." and left as Hitler tried to catch his breathe.

He felt a warmth come over him. He was...happy? He looked out of his window and watched that sweet ass walk out of the camp. He didn't know when he would, but he had to see her again.

This has been Holocaust porn.

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