Chapter 1

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🎆Jasminthine🎆 - Hello Lovely author, thank you for sharing this amazing story with us, you'll always have my support.

🎆Dogburger🎆 - OMG, I loved it so much, I literally feel so sad to see that "Finished reading' after the chapter, it was so gooooooodddddddd.

🎆dmelvin1🎆- I have to commend you, for writing a very good erotic romance thus far, most attempts at that kind of story, focus too much on sex, and as a result, the plot becomes boring tool to move from sex scene to sex scene.
However, you have created a complex group of characters with a plot that is genuinely interesting. The erotic scenes also feels natural to the plot story, rather than just forced in. Very well done.

Hold on to your horses and enjoy this wonderful journey of laughter, sorrow, tons of smiles, sadness .. happiness and heart racing romance.



This is my first time leaving the country in England after being with my parents since my cave man-days. They've been hoping for my success for a long time however, business in the country? A snail would make faster cash.

Jillan my perky mother and Dex my not so sociable father, owned large acres of land, with tons of livestock.

Therefore, staying there resulted in me: feeding the cattle, picking up eggs, milking cows which is so bland. Those two people were honestly opposites.

All that planning took me so much time to prepare since my bottom felt like a hundred ants were stinging there, nonetheless, that was so worth it.

Upon arrival, the excitement could not be contained.

I beheld the big city of New York in all its glory, however, everything was very different. I'm hoping to avoid not getting a stroke of ---- what do they call it? Ahhh yes, culture shock.

A country girl like me can never get adjusted to this sudden change of environment. I'm from the boonies, however, no one should dare hear me utter that word.

My eardrums trembled violently at the blaring horns: various chattering, sirens, and nearby construction work. The people were bustling about and no one ever stopped to greet me.

"Are city folks normally like this?

I most certainly wouldn't be surprised if a pigeon pooped on my head. A bad feeling came over me at the mention of that bird for some unknown reason.

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