I woke up to a nice breakfast made by my mother; pancakes, hash browns, eggs, grapes, and bacon. It was kinda shaped like the sun, but I wasn't worried about the picture, just the reason why she did all of it. This was probably her way of asking for forgiveness.

"What's this for?" I said looking at the breakfast.

"It's your breakfast."

"Mom, this looks really good, but I was just gonna grab a granola bar and go."

"What, you don't eat breakfast every morning? That's extremely important?"

"Well no offense, but Dad only made breakfast on Tuesday because you were here."

Suddenly, you could feel the awkwardness.

But I was tired of her staring at me, so I sat down and began to eat a bit of everything. ***I ate one strand of bacon, some bits of the pancakes, popped a few grapes in my mouth, and ate her eggs which I haven't eaten in years. Suddenly, so many memories returned to my head, all of them being good, except for this one.

"Madison?" I heard coming from the front door, it was Cam. "Hey Mads, are you ready?"

"Yeah, just wait a sec, I gotta clean the table." I said clearing the table.

"No, honey, it's fine. Go, I'll sort this all out."

"How ya doing this morning ma'am?" Cameron said joyfully.

"I'm doing great, how's your mother?"

"She's doing well ma'am."

"Okay, well you two should be off to school, so good luck." She said closing the door behind us.

"I didn't know your mom was still here." Cameron said opening the passenger's seat for me.

"Yeah, well I don't know why she's still here."

"Are you saying there's more to the story?"

"Lots more." I sighed.

"Well, then you can save it for our date tonight. He said, giving me an envelope, holding my hand.

"Oh my gosh, we're going canoeing?"

"Just for the evening. I've notice you've gotten a been getting a little stressed out lately, and this canoe ride will clear up your negative thoughts, and continue to sooth the positive ones." He said rubbing my hand.

"Awe Cam, you really are the best boyfriend ever."

Macy being on this team was most definitely a pro, not a con. Sure her moves were okay, but not as superior as mine. Plus, she's a close friend of Madison and Carter. She can let me know what's going on with them and why Jack has been all over them. Macy has some potential, but not enough.

"Hey Macy, the girls and I were gonna go out tomorrow for frozen yogurt, we always celebrate as a team, and since you're a member now, I was wondering if you'd like to come?" I said buttering her up.

"Wow Tess, thanks but I'm lactose intolerant. How about going out for burgers?" Macy said flipping her hair. "Wait, what am I saying? Carter wanted us to rent a movie tomorrow.

"Honey, what's more important, celebrating with your real friends your stellar accomplishment or watching some old movie from a box on the street?"

"You're pretty convincing. I'll be there."

Dear Journal,
Being head of the newspaper is really fun, exciting even, but the passion though, it's beginning to lack. My love for journalism and current events all happened because of my mother. She was a news reporter, and a pretty good one.
And when she left Dad and me, I'd watch her on the news every day, just for her. Though it was hard not seeing mom, we always kept in touch. We did everything possible. But after the summer past, she left us and broke me, emotionally. Part of me wondered if it was my fault, or Dad's, or even Cameron, but she's back now trying to see back the rips and holes, but it's not working.
By the way, Tess and Brooklynn are cousin. So be prepared for pages blessing nothing but anger.
That's all for now Journal.

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