Hello, I had a dream about this the other night and thought it would make a good story. Please let me know what you think.

By the way that is a picture of Margo off to the side. Enjoy!


Chapter 1

After an exceedingly long day spent in the blazing Oklahoma sun vaccinating cattle, Margo Farkus was exhausted. Crawling between the soft, cool sheets of her bed was a welcome sensation. The air conditioner hummed merrily as it blew its refreshing current around the room. A contented sigh left Margo’s lips as she drifted off into a peaceful, dreamless slumber.

All too soon the phone rang and jolted her from her sleep. Groaning she clumsily reached for it. When her hand brushed the buzzing pest it tumbled to the floor. Cursing under her breath she slipped to the floor as well and finally answered. “This better be important,” pausing to glance at her alarm clock, “it’s only 1:36 in the morning for goodness sake!”

“Well good morning to you too sunshine,” Dr. Wayland, her boss replied enthusiastically. “It is important. Clive Aces just called, Liberty Pine is foaling. Only she is having difficulties. I need you to get there immediately.”

“Where are you?” she asked nervously.

“I’m stuck on the other side of Tulsa. I just finished up at the Jefferson’s.”

“Say no more, I am on my way.”

“That’s my girl. Thanks,” and with that she hung up and got dressed. After quickly pulling on a pair of wrinkled Wranglers, an old sun faded yellow flannel shirt, and throwing her obnoxious curls into a messy bun Margo headed out. Her beat up, black, 87 Ford F-150 sat patiently waiting for her in the drive. Jed’s heat may not work half the time and he definitely smelled of wet dog and cigarettes, but he was her most loyal companion.

Clambering into the old truck was awkward to say the least, but Margo was rewarded when Jed roared to life and Alabama’s I’m In A Hurry began to play. Margo laughed. If she didn’t know any better she would swear that Jed always had the perfect country playlist for her. Tapping her fingers on the wheel she hummed along to the catchy tune.

As Margo turned onto Country Rd E, her good mood fell. Clive’s home, once a place of happiness and love, was now a place of nightmares. She had been madly in love with him only eight short months ago, but the fool had cheated on her and ripped her heart out.

Broken and lonely Margo threw herself into her work. Unfortunately, being a vet tech for the best veterinary clinic in town didn’t afford her the luxury of never seeing the bastard again. He happened to be one of their biggest clients, seeing as he owned a 2,000 acre ranch that bred top quality quarter horses.

Vaccinations alone took an entire week to complete. Her shaking hands and sweaty brow displayed only a fraction of the turmoil she felt. Clive had been her first serious relationship after she left college and she had thought things were perfect. He had asked her to move in after only six months of dating and then had proposed a mere three months after that. They were busy planning their wedding when disaster struck.

One fateful day Margo came home early to surprise Clive by making him a romantic dinner. Instead, she was the one surprised when she found her beloved Clive and his ex girlfriend Hannah in the throes of passions. That moment was when her world fell apart. Rather than cause a scene, she simply packed up her things, left, and vowed never to step foot on the Four Aces Ranch again. Unfortunately, Doc couldn’t get there fast enough and now she had to break that vow.

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