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Part Twenty Nine

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It had been two weeks since Kate had parted with Mason, that tearful, emotional moment at Heathrow. She wasn't proud of the way she'd clung to him as though her life depended on it. It had upset him, and he'd held her tight murmuring into her ear how he hated leaving, she'd cried all the way back to her dark and dank home. Everything seemed harder without him there.

She'd also had to watch Steve and Mike pack up or sell all their possessions before their trip. They were flying onto Asia from the wedding in Cyprus, and had no real agenda for coming home. In terms of that, Kate had her head well and truly buried in the sand. Their lease ran out three days after she was due back from Cyprus and she had nowhere else to move to.  She really needed to think about her future, but at the moment she couldn't, everything was changing and she was struggling to manage with that.

She'd flown to Cyprus with the boys, Tilly and Ashton had come on ahead of them to organise the final arrangements, but the three were flying out three doors before the service, the intention was to have a few days relaxing first. The location for the wedding, an adult only resort on a headland overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, was idyllic, lots of lagoon pools and white sandy beaches, though it was really too early in the year, and too cool to appreciate that. They intended on using the spa, the gym and any other pampering they could fit in, the boys in particular were intending to live in luxury for the few days before they headed off into traveller poverty.

Kate had booked a room in the hotel, but when she arrived at reception, she was told that Mr Fitzgerald had upgraded the room to a suite. She was currently stood open mouthed gaping at the opulence of the three rooms. She'd walked into a huge lounge with fantastic views of the azure sea, an archway led through to the stunning bedroom that was dominated by the huge bed with high thread count Egyptian linen, then there was a bathroom big enough to hold meetings. When she glanced at the double shower cubicle with an array of shower heads at various levels, she couldn't help but blush, enjoying the vision of her and Mason in there together.

So she'd been pampered. After a workout in the gym, and then a nice long swim, she'd treated herself to a hot stone massage followed by a manicure and pedicure. Feeling well pampered, Kate headed back to her room...or rather her suite and stretched out on the bed. The next thing she knew, she must've nodded off, because she was woken by two oh so familiar lips touching hers, and she responded with fervour before her eyes were even open.

When she did manage to separate her tender sleepy eyelids, it was to see Mason's eyes, less than an inch from hers, breath warm on her cheek, a smile spread across his face. 

                "Hey you!" He breathed softly devouring her greedily with his eyes, "I've missed you!"

Breaking into a reciprocal smile, she reached up to cup his cheek, "I've missed you too! I wasn't sure when you'd get here!"

Mason nodded; he'd struggled to get a reasonably timed flight to Cyprus from Dubai that didn't sweep miles out of the way into a major European City first. He was struggling on taking time off and needed to get as quick a connection as possible. "I wasn't able to get a decent flight, so I just thought stuff it and got a flight when I wanted. Brandon's not happy, but hey, needs must. I wanted to see you SO badly! These last three weeks have felt like an eternity!"

She nodded as his mouth found her throat, teeth nipping and tongue lashing as she murmured her appreciation and explained just exactly how much she'd missed him as his hands reached for the buttons on the front of her shirt.

Kate sighed, she'd described the bed as huge in her own mind, but in reality it was perfect. Stretched out, yet wrapped around Mason, there was still plenty of room in the bed for them.

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