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So alot of people are commenting like:
'Please let her still be a baby when they find her'

And to answer that, YES, she will still be a newborn.

I know alot of stories let people get kidnapped, and then it takes years to get them back, but i dont like timeskips myself.

Also the whole purpose of this story is to follow the journey of the Luciano boys raising their sister, so i wont be doing big timeskips.

So i dont want to spoiler , but to make you stop worrying, she will still be a newborn when they find her!

Hope you dont worry any more, just wait for the next chapters, they will be out this week, I have ideas, but i still need some for after they find her...so..if you have ideas for outings or activities, please let me know.

Bey guysss😊😊😊

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