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"I'll drop the signal now" Midoriya thought to himself.
He was already amongst the crowd.

He pulled out his phone and texted the 2, that was the signal.

"Who texted you Todoroki?" Kirishima asked as he tried to look over at his phone.

"No one important.
I need to use the bathroom, I'll be back soon"

"Ah you have to hurry! We need you for the bake off!"

Todoroki and Shinsou both ran off to the back of the school.
There they found Midoriya.

I have comms.
You won't need to respond every time I speak, just listen in.

You have the traps set up, right?" Midoriya asked as he handed the 2 some comms.

"Aizawa is trapped in his room with no way out possible.
Not to mention before I had locked him up I drugged his drink." Shinsou said.

"Midnight is stuck in the girls bathroom of the top floor of the UA building.
I made sure to steal her phone before hand too.
She has no way out." Todoroki said.

"What about snipe, crementos, and present mic?"

"They're stuck in the staff room with no way out"

Alright, I got 1 more thing to give you 2"
Midoriya reached into his bag and pulled out their hero outfits with modifications.

"I had the time so I modified your hero outfits.
There aren't any major changes but I made it so that it supports your quirks.
This outfit will amplify your fire power by at least 3x without burning you."


Change into them now and come with me."

The 2 took their outfits and quickly dressed into them, they were wearing an under layer of clothes already so they just had to take off their shirts.

So they got into their villain outfits with a tank top and shorts under neath.

I'm going to be removing my bracelet now.
Put on your ear pieces.
Follow me" Midoriya said.
He captured Todoroki and Shinsou under his manipulation so he could talk to them without worry.
The entire league was actually under manipulation, just so Midoriya could talk to them.

Eri had mastered her quirk within the 2 weeks of preparation, Midoriya had made sure to practice it so she wouldn't accidentally activate it and spiral out of control.

She was with the league, with Bakugo specifically. She didn't want to be alone so Midoriya allowed her to watch.

Midoriya stood amongst the crowd, unnoticed.
His eyes lurked around, he spotted members of the league also in the crowd.

"Has anyone seen Todoroki??" Kaminari asked.

"He said he was going to the bathroom"

"We'll have to start without him.

Now calling!!
It's time for the class A and class B bake off!!!

Are you all ready!?" Yaoyorozu cheered.

The crowd of watchers roared with excitement.

Prepare the nomu"
Midoriya whispered into the comm.

Kurogiri warped the nomu.

"Alright then!
Let be-!" Yaoyorozu was cut off when the microphone she was using was stolen from her hand, it just...
Floated away.

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