Prologue: buttery love

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Work had just begun and I couldn't help but desire the want for my Butter Stick, Paul.
I had name him after me since my name was Paula Deen of course.
Oh, how I craved that pastel yellowly goodness. The smell, the taste, the large-ness. I craved it all.
It made me moist thinking about it. I wanted him so bad, but I had to wait till I got home.

Finally i was re-united with my love, Paul.

" paul, oh how i missed you!" I said as i licked up and down on him, laping up his buttery ness like a dog drinking water. The taste of the butter lingered in my mouth, i couldnt help myself from getting moist from that.
I couldn't help myself, so i took another lick at the long buttery substance.
This was it, the moment I've been waiting for all day, The way the butter felt against my tounge. It felt so natural, it was an indescribable feeling. It was like love,
A buttery love.

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