"You know what!??!!?!" Calum finally yelled. "I'm turning this car around!" Calum made quite the impressive U turn and we headed back home. Then my phone vibrated with a text.

From Penguin Boy: Hey Mikey, we just left the hospital so you guys can all head back home.
To Penguin Boy: Okay. We're on our way back.

"Okay guys, Luke and Mia and Liz and Milly and the babies are on their way home. Please be pleasant when we get there." I pleaded

"Ashton is the one being unpleasant here!" Tanya protested.

"Me?!? You broke up with me, you cheated on me, and you're a major slut. And I'm the unpleasant one? Yeah okay." Ashton retorted.

"Guys! Enough! I don't want to hear another word out of either of you until we get home!!!" Calum yelled.

"But he just called me a slut!!" Tanya yelled!

"Because you are one! You cheated on him and today when Daniel answered the door in his underwear, I can only imagine what you two were doing in Ashton's room!" Monse yelled at Tanya.

"Hey guys, why don't we have a party tonight?" I asked desperately trying to change the subject.

"That sounds fun! We should do it. Where though?" Calum said

"We could do it at your place because the babies will be at Mia's house and nobody wants to see Daniel so we can't do it at Tanya's." I said.

"Sounds good! Let's go see the babies and then we'll go get party stuff! Man I can't wait!" Calum said as he pulled into Mia's driveway.

I knocked on the door and Luke answered with a spit rag on his shoulder and Lily in his arms wrapped in a pink blanket. I couldn't help but smile looking at my best friend with his daughter. Calum smiled even bigger when he joined me on the porch, along with Monse and Tanya.

When we all came inside we saw that Mia was holding Peter and she was crying a little. She said she was just so happy to be a mother and a fiancé.

About an hour or so later, me, Calum, and Mia went to the store. She didn't want to leave the babies and she was super tired, but she agreed to come after we begged her. It's like deja vu going party shopping with Mia and Calum again. The last time we all went party shopping together was for Luke and Ashton's surprise party. God, that was a long time ago!!

When we got to the store Calum and Mia went to get the food and drinks and I went for the plates, cups, napkins, etc. I already sent out an invite and our fan base has gotten pretty big, so a lot of people will be coming tonight.

Calum's POV

Mia and I were picking out cups when this guy came over to us. He was taller than Mia, but not as tall as me. He had light brown hair and green eyes and he looked around our age.

"Hey, you're Mia Evans, right?" He asked Mia.

"Yeah, I am." She said looking at the floor. I don't know how she can even perform if she's so shy. That's what I love about her, her stage presence.

"Well I'm a big fan. You're so hot and talented!" He said and her head shot up.

"Hey buddy, she's a mom ya know?" I said.

"Oh my-" Mia started to say before running behind me.

"Calum, make him leave now! It's him, those eyes! Oh my god!" Mia cried into my shoulder.

"Man you should probably go." I said and he started to walk away. "See you guys tonight" he gave me a smirk, or maybe it was for Mia...

"What was that about sweetheart? Are you okay?" I asked Mia.

"He-he-he raped me. The day after me and Luke....you know...I was walking to the grocery store and on my way back, he attacked me in an ally and...all I remember is his voice and...and those eyes!" Mia cried. I don't even know what to say!

"Oh my god! What about the babies?? They're Luke's, right?" I asked.

"Yes they are. I know for a fact." Mia said. She pleaded me to hurry and not to say anything to anyone. She said Luke already knew. I wanna kill that guy! He raped a girl, which is awful in general, but that girl is like a sister to me! We finished paying for everything and the three of us left the store.

Josh's POV

"Mr. Smith, you are being released on the acount that you have made bail. You will be on parole for 19 months. Don't do anything stupid Mr. Smith or you'll be right back in here." Said the judge.

"Thank you your Honor!" I said and exited the court room.

From Tanya: they're having a party tonight at 8. Ready to ruin some lives?? ;)

To Tanya: see you there baby. I'm so lucky that I have you as my partner in crime. :*

=================================================================================hey guys!!! I know its been like a bajillion years since I updated. I've just been busy and I'm truly so sorry for that. I will definitely be updating more often because I realized how much I missed writing for y'all. I hope you enjoyed this lil chapter. It's kind of a filler chapter and all of the too stuff is soon to come ;) anyways, put ur comments, questions, etc in the comment section. I'll update after 35 comments. I love you guys with all my heart! Thank you for reading!!! BYEEEEEEE =) :*

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