Luke's POV

What does she mean they're not mine?!?! These babies have to be mine! The thing that upsets me most, the thing that makes me want to cry (more than I already am) is that this means Mia cheated on me...

"Luke let me explain." Mia said quietly.

"How!?! How is this possible?!?!" I yelled a little too loud.

"Luke listen-"

"No! You listen! Why would you do this to me?!?! After all we've been through Mia! Why?"


"No I'm not done yet. I worked my butt off for you! I love you! And you went and cheated on me! You led me on! You- you made me think I mattered to you!"

"LUKE!!!! I DIDN'T CHEAT ON YOU!" Mia finally yelled.

"Then how is there a chance that these babies aren't mine?" I asked.

"Because I...I...I was raped." Mia chocked out.

What? Oh. My. God. How?!?! When?!?! Oh my god!

"I-i don't even know what to say Mia. When? Where? WHO?" I said the last part with anger. Mia is mine. She's the only girl I've ever truly loved. I feel like killing this guy right now.

"I don't know who it was. And it was the day after we...did it. I was walking home from the grocery store and he attacked me. All I remember is those eyes....and his voice. Luke I'm so sorry."

"And what about Peter and Lily?" I asked still in shock from this new information.

"I'm almost positive they're yours, I just needed you to know that there's a chance that they're not." Mia said

"Well is there any way we could get a DNA test?" I asked. I need to know that my kids are...mine.

"Luke, we don't need one. The guy had green eyes. Peter and Lily both have your eyes. I know they're yours. It just wasn't fair of me to keep this secret from you."

"Mia, I love you so much. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you" I said and hugged my beautiful fiace.

"I want to forget it ever happened so let's not talk about it, okay?" Mia pleaded. I nodded in agreement.

"Mchael's girlfriend is supposed to be coming here today." I said trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh that's great!" Mia smiled. "she's so nice, i think she's a keeper."

"Yeah she's definitely cool." i said.

"Ms. Evans and Mr. Hemmings, if you'd like to leave now, you're welcome to." The nurse let us know. "you'll just need to sign out after you pick up your babies from the nursery.

"Alright. Thank you." Mia said, smiling at the woman and standing up from the bed.

"Let's head home babe." I said and wrapped my arm around Mia and kissed the top of her head.

Mia's POV

I'm glad Luke still loves me. I guess we're engaged! I've never been so happy, i have the love of my life and two beautiful babies.

Luke told me all about the little plan that Michael and the others had to get Mel to stay with us. I think Michael is going to be a great father figure in Melony's life. I wonder where they all are right now...I thought as Luke, Liz, Mel, Peter, Lily, and I went to get in the car.

Michael's POV

This car ride has been extremely annoying and unpleasant! Monse and Tanya and Ashton keep bickering and it's ridiculous!

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