Victory Of Tempest

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After I summoned Diablo and his companion Ifrit and Veldora head to the town. I decided to stay behind a little bit because I can feel her presence. I head to the woods and there she is.

"What are you doing here now Ruminas" I said.

"Ara so you notice me" Ruminas replied what is she doing here now. And she saw Veldora just now I'm pretty sure she's piss at him.

"I sense your presence when me and Veldora landed" I said and crossed my arms.

"So you are friends with that over grown lizard" Ruminas said a little piss at Veldora.

"Yes we're friends but why are you here anyway" I said and took out a table and two chairs I also take out some tea and cookies.

"Ara your quite a gentleman" Ruminas said looking straight to my eyes.

"Just forget that so the reason your here" I asked again with a serious look.

"I might melt if you look at me that way" Ruminas said and she's acting weird this time.

"Just get to the point already Ruminas" I said.

"Fufufu alright I tell you. The reason I came here is because I heard that this attack was cause by a Demon Lord." Ruminas said with a smile.

"So your here to watch the war" I said and take a sip of my tea.

"Fufufu not really I just think that you might need help" Ruminas said

"Your gonna kill your own believer just for me?" I asked because it's really strange of her to say such thing.

"Why not I can still find more humans  that can serve under God Luminous" She said while touching my chin.

"Huh you have a really strange style of ruling" I said and push her hands a little.

"You can say that and beside the knights that you killed are all fools I don't need fools in my Domain" Ruminas said while sipping her tea.

"Speaking of fools Hinata tried to kill me" I said and she look at me.

"Did you kill her?" She asked.

"No she's a student of my wife so if I kill her my wife is going to be heartbroken" I said.

"Wife? I see but I like to have a little request if you don't mind" Ruminas asked it's a little strange for her to request something.

"What could it be" I asked and sip my tea.

"I would like to be one of your wives" She said and I spit my tea after she said those words.

"What are you saying your the queen of the vampires and also a Demon Lord" I said trying to keep my cool because Ruminas is a real beauty like Shizu and Ciel.

"So what those are just title and I also have my own interest on you" She said while looking at me.

"(Sigh) Okay he-" before I start my sentence Ruminas put her finger on my lips.

"I can wait for your answer but I suggest you accept it" Ruminas said and start walking towards the shadows of the trees.

"I see you later Rimuru" She said and disappear.

Man what is wrong with her. Making such request.

[Are you trouble with it Master]

Yes of course she just requested that she want to be one of my wives.

[It's up to you master]

Hey Ciel what will happen if I marry her.

[You will have the loyalty of all Vampires and gain the wealth of Ruberios and make sure that the church is completely under you control master]

I see should I accept it or not. But I'm scared because what if Shizu found out about this conversation.

[I already told her everything that had happened here master]

You what!! Now she's gonna kill me.


AS I walked away from Rimuru I felt that his troubled making decisions but I know he will accept my request after all he will gain my wealth and territory. And not just that he can make sure that the church won't attack his Kingdom and he can have control over the western nation.

"Fufufufu I know you will accept this request of mine Rimuru" I said to myself and walk away with a smile on my face.

"Fufufufu I know you will accept this request of mine Rimuru" I said to myself and walk away with a smile on my face

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And I also have an opportunity to have my revenge with that lizard so it's a win for me aswell.


To much problem maybe I think about this tomorrow.

I go back in Tempest and I see all of them ready to party. They all seem a little happy but I know they're not because they couldn't protect this nation this time but I know that feeling will fade because I will send them against Clayman's Force.

"Rimuru-sama welcome back" Benimaru greets me.

"Un by the way how's the prisoner Ifrit" I asked him.

"They're lock up now Rimuru-sama" Ifrit said and I walk towards Shizu.

"Shizu-san I'm glad your okay" I said.

"You don't need to worry about me I'm stronger than before and there's a more big problem we have" Shizu said.

"What is it?"I asked.

"About the request of Demon Lord Ruminas" Shizu said while looking straight to my eyes.

"Umm you see" before I could even explain Shizu interrupted me.

"It's okay to me if you accept her request after all me and Ciel-chan is way closer to you than her and can she be trusted" Shizu asked.

"Yes she can be trusted and Hinata is serving her after all" after I said that Shizu just sigh and smile.

"I see so if Hinata trusted her then I trust her aswell but" Shizu said and she put her hands on my shoulder.

"If you gave her more attention I will cut your son off" Shizu said with a killing aura that makes my body tremble.

"Ye-Yes ma'am I won't" I said while saluting to her.

"Good now let's start the party" Shizu said with a normal smile. She's scary when she's jealous. But then Noir appear infront of me with the other Archdemon with him.

"Black what are you doing here!?" Shizu said while looking at him.

"Kufufufu no need to be alarmed Shizu-sama I'm only here because of my master's wish" Noir said and bow infront of me.

"You summon them Rimuru-san" Shizu asked and I nodded then she lower her guard.

"You three have done a great job as I said earlier I will give you 3 names as a reward" I said and the 3 of them look at me with sparkle on there eyes.

I named all of them and they evolved into Demon Peers. But Diablo is close on becoming a Demon king I know he will evolve any of these days. And then I gave all my executives the power they have on the last timeline. They all evolve. Shizu-san also evolve into a Saint class. After that her {Unique Skill Burner} evolve in to {Ultimate Skill Burning Sun Helios} now she can even beat Leon's ass without a problem.

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