Cole's Point of view
She's alive! Lindsey's alive! She had scars running up and down her arms and legs and she stumbled as she stood up to face her father.
"Really Dad! Out of everyone you could of hurt! you hurt these people?! Why? Their all my family to me! No matter where they come from! I don't care that Coles from Bionis! I don't care the Amber is a princess, I dont care if Meru is links Decendant. I don't care if Jons a glitch, that Katy is a hybrid or that Emile is magic! There all my family and I will not let you hurt them!!" She yelled to her father, her eyes turning Emerald green.
"That's right! We're all family and nobody can hurt us!" A different voice. It was different from Lindsey, someone else was speaking.
Suddenly there was a figure next to Lindsey. The other girl was wearing a long smoky grey dress and had orange eyes.
"I'm Lillian. Lindsey twin. Thanks to this man I was trapped inside of Lindsey for 13 years. I felt everything, every time Lindsey was knocked out I would take control of her body." Lillian told everyone, her body glowing a soft orange. Lindsey moved her hand up in front of her body. The palm of her hand started glowing Green and orange. She moved her arm, shooting the ball at her father and knocking him back against the wall. Then he just disappeared, gone. Lillian disappeared as well not before saying. I'll be returning soon, you'll be able to tell who's who, just remember tho.
I know when someone likes someone. She whispered the last part to me, and a blushed formed on my face. Lillian giggles and disappeared back into Lindsey chest. There was now a star where Lillian went back in.
Meru's point of view
I watched Lindsey, as she slowly started wobbling back and forth, then fall on the floor. I grabbed my ocarina out of my bag and started playing a song that I knew to well. Everyone sat down on the floor next to each other and started humming along with the tune. Lindsey's wounds started to healing slowly. They were soon closed but she was still knocked out.
"She'll be fine, just let her rest for a few days." I told them as I sat with them, putting my sword and shield on the side. Whew am I tired from that fight. Oh that's right you guys don't know what happened! Well let me show you with A FLASHBACK!!!! Really Meru!? You broke the damn forth wall!! Oh well here's a flashback for you all.
And also!

And that's where I leave you guys wondering what happened because I'm gonna end this off here!!

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