The Party

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"Yo Aug man, what's up?" I heard as I made my way into the house party.
As I made my way through the crowd, I couldn't help but inhale the thick aroma of alcohol and weed.
But I can't even front, shit was live as fuck tonight and a youngin' was bout to get turnt.
I finally made my way through the hectic crowd of drunk and high teenagers to this big ass kitchen.
"Aye my dude! What's up? I ain't think you was comin' tonight" my homie Jarell stated.
"Yeah man, you know I had to come through. It ain't no party till Aug show up ya feel me cuhh?" I said dapping him up.
I poured myself a drink and held up the wall while I bumped my head to the bassed up music.
As I stayed to myself enjoying the party, I got an occasional "hey Aug, what's up?" I nodded at some and spoke to a few then out of the blue I hear the squeakiest highest pitched ass voice that could only come from one damn person...the school hoe Tina. SHIT!
"Hello! Ummm...I know you see me standing here babe"
"I do and I ain'tcho Bae so chill wit' allat Ight?" I said in annoyance. Thirsty ass...
"Ugh...don't be like that" she said trying to feel on me.
I gave that hoe the look cause she already know what's up.
She continued to talk and I continued to ignore her, looking around at everyone at the party until one person in particular caught my eye.
I stared in amazement at the beautiful creature I was looking at.
I handed Tina my drink and made my way over to the girl.
"Babe! Bae...uhhh. August baby!" I heard Tina calling in the background. I ignored her thot ass and continued walking towards the beauty.
As I was making my way to her, I asked a few of my niggas if they knew her, and I kept getting the same reply, nah.
I reached her and just as I was about to tap her shoulder, she walked away into the crowd.
His girl was so damn fine, I couldn't let her get away.
"Aye ma!" I called. She looked back, giggled, and kept walking.
She wanted a chase, a nigga was gone chase.
I chased her through the entire house till we reached the pool area which was secluded from the rest of the house.
"Aye ma." I said staring at her.
"Hi, I'm Ahmarie"
"Uhh. I'm Augu-" before I could finish, she kissed me. Damn, lil mama ain't wastin' no time.
She then began taking off her loose fitting flannel shirt.
As she was doing it, I kissed her neck and found her spot, kissing it ever so gently.
"Ahhhh..." She slightly moaned, jumping up and wrapping her legs around me.
"Don't be so gentle Daddy. I like it rough." She said biting my ear.
That shit turned a youngin' on. Y'all just don't know!
We some how made our way over to the pool house to get s lil more privacy. Shit...I could care less. I'm trynna bust this nut.
I quickly unzipped my pants and let them fall down to my ankles. I whipped out my stiff dick and she began to stroke me and kiss the head of my dick.
"Mmmm...You're so thick" she said slowly licking me up.
I bit my lip and enjoyed the moment. Once she was done she got up and I roughly smacked her plump caramel ass with my large hands and gripped it, shaking it in my hand as I fucked her hard from the back.
I ain't waste no time rammin' my shit in.
"Mmmm...Pull my hair daddy" she asked.
"Beg" I gave in response.
"Please pull my hair daddy. Mmm...Please Daddy. Please!" She begged.
"Yeah, that's what I like" I said as I smacked her juicy ass one more time before pulling and tugging on her curly hair.
"Ahhh!! YES!" she said, losing her mind and twerking on my dick.
"Damn this girl is a freak" I thought to myself, still pulling her hair and occasionally smacking her ass.
"H...Harder" she moaned.
"Sm...Smack my ass h...harder" she panted.
I could tell she was close to the edge.
I didn't want me to have to keep begging so I smacked her ass harder, leaving my mark.
"FUCK! Yes! Again!" she pleaded.
I repeatedly smacked her ass, loving the feel of her soft, juicy, round, plump ass into grip.
I looked down and saw my large hand prints in bright red, glowing on her ass. So I began to roughly pound onto her.
I grabbed her waist tighter and went faster and harder, showing her no mercy.
"I...I'm gonna c...cum" she managed to pant out.
"Yeah that's right, cum all over daddy fat thick ass dick" I demanded.
She then came all over my dick and I knew it was my turn.
I began to fuck the life outta her to get this nut.
"Come on daddy" she said breathing hard, trying to catch her breath.
"Cum all over my titties daddy"
She got off my dick and began to jack me off and was givin' a nigga some bomb ass head. I mean deep throating and slurping a nigga up and all that shit.
She continued sucking and slurping and I felt my climax.
"Shit ma. Fuck!" I let out and with that, I came all over her titties.
She placed my dick between her titties and started moving back and forth.
"Shiiiiiiiit..." Was all I could strain out.
My cum was flowing like a damn busted pipe or some shit.
Lil mama enjoyed it too.
As I continued to squirt my cum all over her, she rubbed herself.
She let the cum flow on her big titties and began to rub it on her hershey kiss nipples. Occasionally, ma would lick the cum off her titties.
As she was on the ground just laying there, enjoying the mess I made all over her with her legs still spread open, I gently rubbed my dick around her red throbbing clit.
She let out a moan and I went down and just flicked her swollen clit with my warm wet tongue.
She gave subtle jerks and rubbed her hard nipples.
Eventually, we decided to clean up in the pool house and we went our separate ways.
This was for @QUEENYannababeh
I'm sorry it took so long, but here you go! I hope you enjoy! I know it's not my best work, but I'm trying to get back in the groove of things.
-Sweetest Fantasy

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