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Eri was a bit stuck on her choice.
She didn't know if she wanted to see Midoriya kidnap a couple people but she didn't exactly wanna stay with the league...

"I don't wanna be in the way...
Dad says they won't hurt me.
I should trust him!
I'll stay..."
Eri thought to herself.

"I'll stay here" she replied.

"Okay then, if anything happens you can run to kacchan, Todoroki, shinsou, compress, twice, or kurogiri.
They're the only ones I'd actually trust to be with you"

"What about the girl?
She seemed nice"

It's not that she isn't nice.
It's that I'd be afraid she'd try to cut you out of curiosity."


"Yeah, anyways.
Let's go"

Midoriya put his bracelet on and walked out the room with Eri holding his arm.

"I'm going out to kidnap a couple people.
Prepare the rooms.

Eri wants to stay here so I'm making something very clear.

When I come back.
If she has a single cut, single tear, or is hurt in some kind of way.
I will not hesitate to rip whoever did it head's off.
And you know when I say things I'm serious.

Kacchan, Todoroki, shinsou, kurogiri, Compress, and twice.
If you suspect anything dangerous is about to happen, grab Eri and go.
However, I prefer if Kacchan were to do it." Midoriya warned.

"Eh why me!?"

"You could take her to the demonic realm if something serious happened, I'd hate for Eri to get caught in the cross fire." Midoriya replied.

Bakugo groaned, "fine fine whatever"

I'll be off now.
I'll bring back at least 20 people so make sure the room is ready" Midoriya said as he removed his bracelet.
He patted Eri's head and sunk away into his shadow, leaving her alone.

Eri scanned around the room, she didn't know where to go...
Her eyes landed on Bakugo.
This was supposedly the "safe" person.
So she ran up to him and his behind his seat.

Bakugo gritted his teeth, he didn't want to make her cry because he knew Midoriya's threats were always serious.
But at the same time, he didn't want a child to be nestled up behind his chair.

Toga ran up to Eri, "hey Eri!!" She smiled.
Her fangs stuck out with her horrifically huge grin.

"AY BACK OFF" Bakugo hissed as his demonic features popped out.
Mini explosions made their way to his hand.

Toga backed up immediately, leaving Eri be.

"I only want to play with her!
Eri, you can trust me!"

"Dad said you were going to cut me..." Eri whimpered.

Bakugo innerly laughed at the statement.

"Eh!? I wasn't going to cut you!
Why did he lie.
I don't even have my knife on me to see if demon blood is different than human blood.
And if I did.
I wouldn't stab you I'd stab this blond."

"Eh!? Better back up stabby or I'll explode you"

Toga jumped back and away from Eri.
"Tch, fine."

Eri mustered up all her courage and stepped out of the back of Bakugo's seat.

Will you actually not hurt me...?" She asked.

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