"Call Emily please, Ralph." Stanley asked.

The tall blonde boy nodded and walked out the door. Minutes later a girl with chocolate brown, brunette hair was walking in.

 "Have you figured it out yet brother?" Emily asked. "What are you going to do. Janice is devastated, she's considering leaving the pack because of..."

"She will not leave this pack." Stanley said firmly.

"I know her, I know Janice. Mark was her son, she has two more, after what happened to her mate I know she will do just that. She has a cousin at the Arke pack tribe, that's where she'll go."

"She won't go without my leave."

"So you'll deny her? Stanley! You can't do that, without leave she'll become a rouge and be killed!"

"Rather than leave the pack for another, others will think I'm a weak leader."

"You're not Stanley, you are not a weak leader, just a broken one."

"Am not." He snarled.

"Why are you so uptight?" She snapped.

"I AM NOT UPTIGHT!" He yelled loudly.

Emily raised an eyebrow as snickers and laughs erupted from downstairs.

"Okay maybe I am a little..."

More laughs.


"Hm, don't you mean 'a lot' 'cause seriously I don't think your beta agrees with you on the little..."

"Okay, I am uptight, happy?" He snarled.

"Satisfied." Emily grinned.

"Okay, now report. Now."

"We have sightings of rogues along the Eastern border, Amy from the Acerté tribe has asked for acceptance in the pack, Janice from our pack as asked for leave..."

"Denied." Stanley said instantly.

Emily breathed in and continued, "Grace Milheart gave birth to a wolf, Henry, he needs to be placed in a nursery in the pack house and mother needs more rescue pills."

"Okay, Amy is accepted, ask Ralph to rearrange a speech, Janice is denied, place Henry in the West wing and ask Hugh to go to the clinic for more pills."

"And the rogues?" Emily asked.

"Ask Ralph to also round up a scout team and have him search the border."

"And the mermaids?" Emily asked, raising an eyebrow. "What about them, what's the plan?"

Stanley took a deep breath.

"I've been doing research on the Merfolk through our old pack files."

"And..." Emily urged.

"It turns out they're very... close with each other. They're all like family. Linked in some way. ‘If one of them falls, all of them falls’ quoted from one of the enchanters.

"They don't like seeing one another in pain or being hurt so I am going tocaptureoneandholdithostage." He said the words fast in hopes that Emily wouldn’t hear them

"You are going to what?" Emily asked, worry started to spread across her face

"I said capture one and hold it hostage."


"Well, yes." Stanley said guiltily.

"They are very close, Stanley? Don't put them through that!"

"They are fish, Em. Fish. Do we care about fish? No. In fact, I had roasted hake for breakfast."

There were tears in Emily’s eyes now. "You can't do this, you'll hurt them!" 

Stanley cleared his throat. "I am doing what I said, you cannot stop me, and I am the alpha. Go tell the pack my declarations and summon Angie to round up a group of stealth scouts, we are going fishing."

“No.” Emily said, staring at him with cold hatred in her eyes. “You can’t do this to a living, feeling, breathing, intelligent being.”

“Oh, yes I can if I feel it is right for the pack.”

Emily turned away from her brother, not believing his cold heartedness.

 "Please..." she whispered to herself as he left the room, "let him not do this... let him see it's wrong..."

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