Four- Therapists.

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Dean and Cas went to the library that day. They sat quietly as Dean read to Cas until the bell went and they had to go home.

Cas stood up immediately and began walking without a word. Dean watched, slightly confused before he jumped up and ran after Cas.

"Hey! Cas!" Dean yelled, catching up to him. Cas turned and looked at Dean, tilting his head. "Do you want me to drive you home?" He asked softly, smiling.

Cas shook his head, he always enjoyed his walks home. He could think about everything before he got home.

"Uh...o-okay.. Can I walk with you then? I'd love to get to know you more.." Dean asked again. Cas was confused as to why green eyes wanted to spend time with him, no one ever spent time with him exept for his brothers.

Cas nodded either way and began walking again, Dean close to his side.

Its was silent most of the time, exept for the scuffing shoes walking on the pavement and the birds in the trees at the park they were walking past.

"So...what do you like to do Cas?" Dean said, breaking the silence.

Cas looked over to Dean as they continued walking but their eyes never made contact.
"I-i enjoy drawing...sometimes..." Cas mumbled, "But I also like bees..." A small smile began to grow on his face.

"Bees are pretty cool, huh?" Dean said with a curious grin.

"Yes, did you know Honey bees, scientifically also known as Apis mellifera, which mean "honey-carrying bee", are environmentally friendly and are vital as pollinators!" Cas grinned, it was the most enthusiastic Dean had ever seen. "A-and male honey bees, also called drones, have no stinger and do no work at all. All they do is mating. In fact, before winter or when food becomes scarce, female honeybees usually force surviving males out of the nest."

"Thats awesome Cas!" Dean grinned and the whole walk to Cas's house, Dean listened to Cas's facts about bees.

Dean had never seen Cas so happy, so excited and the rest of the walk involved Cas going on about bees. When they finally arrived at Cas's he froze, staring at a car in the driveway.

"Cas?.." Dean mumbled, looking down at the small boy who had his sleeves hanging over his hands once again.

"M-m-my t-therapists is here.." He said in a whisper, standimg compleatly frozen on the sidewalk.

"Its okay.." Dean quickly said, noticing the panic that seemed to overpower his friend. Dean didn't know what else he could do now, he brought Cas home, he barely even knew the kid so he couldnt just walk him over like he'd done it before. Dean looked over at the house when a young woman with blonde hair walked out, waving towards Cas. She seemed nice, pretty. So why was Cas so afraid?

"Hey Cas... why don't you head home.. Text me if you like... Or.. I'll see you at school tomorrow.." Dean smiled and nodded once before the blonde girl came running over, and that was his cue to leave."Bye Cas!"He yelled, running back down the street.


sorry its short, more of a filler chapter.

will update as soon as possible. :)


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