Three- Meltdown

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Cas has been going to school for a few weeks now. He could find his way around easily as long as nothing changed. He still didn't make any attempt to get to know anyone because he was still afraid, but he would always see that green eyed boy.He kept his distance of course but Castiel was curious. Some people might have called it stalking, but Cas enjoyed folowing the boy. Not everywhere but during recess and lunch green eyes would walk out of his usual class and down to the football feild, where him and the other football players would play. Every time green eyes would wave at Cas. But Cas never got the couarge to wave back. He would always just stare at his long sleves, fiddling with the fabric.

"Gabriel.." He mumbled. They were sitting at the dinner table as they do everyday after school for dinner, "W-who is that boy...The one with the green eyes?" He asked, staring at the food on his plate, he wasent very hungry. Hunger wasent really a need to Cas, it was more of a feeling.... Sometimes he wanted to eat, sometimes he didnt.

"You have to explain better than that, there are alot of people in school with green eyes." Gabriel laughed slightly, smiling as he stuffed his face with the mash potato. But Cas just shrugged, he didnt know how to explain him. He only knew he had green eyes and was on the football team.

The day went only slowly, Cas sitting at the table siliently while he thought about those gree eyes all the way until he was told to try and sleep. That didnt end well either. He sat in bed the whole night until Gabriel walked in and told him to get ready for school.


Castiel backed away from the boys who stalked towards him. Crowely and Lucifer, the two school bullies. Cas shook his head,drumming his fingers on his waist as he tried to calm down. He tapped his pocket, wishing he kept his phone on him instead of leaving it in his bag wich was left across the room.

"Whats wrong Cassie?" Lucifer laughed, moving uncomfortable close to Cas.

"Aww, poor Cassie, Afraid of a little touch!" Crowely smirked, making Cas flinch from his voice.

Cas's back was against the wall and he froze in fear "D-dont touch me..." He said softly, trying to find his voice "Dont touch me!" He yelled but they just laughed, moving foward and grabbing him by his shoulders.

Cas screamed loudly, reapeating over and over again "Dont touch me! Dont touch me!" But they wouldnt listen, they just laughed at the poor boy.

"Hey! Brake it up!" A voice yelled, running around the corner and down the hall way. Cas couldn't see who is was because his eyes were closed.

"The boy told younot to touch him, so, You dont touch him!" He yelled, pulling the bullies off Cas and stepping between them.

"Oh Winchester, you should watch it.." Lucifer laughed, standing back behind Crowely.

"Why the hell are you standing up for this piece of shit?!" Crowely yelled, pointing towards Cas.

Cas dropped to the floor, facing the wall as he rocked back and forth, muttering to himself as he began to count "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten..."

"Leave him alone Crowely!" The boys fist came up before clashing with Crowelys face. He dropped to the floor in front of him. Lucifer watched with eyes wide before he ran out of the hallway.

"Fuck you!" Crowely spat out, spitting blood onto the floor before he ran off. The stood still for a while, letting everything go quiet. The boy looked around, making sure there was no one around before he sat down at a safe distance from Cas, looking at the floor. He knew not to touch Cas, but when Cas started scraching his wrists he knew he had to stop it. He reached into his bag and pulled out some headphones, passing them over to Cas and motioning for him to put them on.

Cas looked up and noticed immediently who it was. Green eyes. He was confused by what was going on but he slowly took the headphone, putting them on like Dean had showed. The room went quiet. He sat still and looked up at Green eyes for a moment before looking back at the floor. He watched as green eyes went into his bag and pulled out I small bag, with some different lollies ans chocolates inside. Cas just watched with curiosity, unsure of what to do.

Green eyes put his hand into the bag, nibbling on some of the chocolate before he pushed the bag closer towards Castiel, trying to show that he wanted to share with him.

Cas just stared at the bag a while, scratching his wrists again and immediately green eyes reached out and grabbed his hand.

Cas flinched away but Dean still had a hold on his hand. "Let go.."Cas mumbled, and green eyes did without a word. But he then shrugged off his grey hoddie and held it out to Cas.

Cas took it slowly, inspecting it closely and he loved it. The inside of it was soft, fluffy as if it was brand new, and the outside was smooth. He smiled slightly, pulling it on and the sleeved ran way over his hands.

Green eyes laughed small and smiled at Cas. "Can I help?"He asked quietly and Cas nodded. Green eyes then lent closer, taking both of Cas's hands and pulling up his sleeves for him.

Cas smiled, maybe he could finally do it, finally do something and get to know green eyes. Suddnley Cas's hand shot up and he waved at Dean, like all the times he wanted to at that foot ball feild. "I-Im Castiel." He mumbled.

"Hello Cas."He said with a smile, "Im Dean."

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