Fours pov

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Okay I don't find this funny anymore. They might not no me, but this still makes mine and tris life a lot harder. God right when I thought life was going perfectly. Max voice cuts through my thoughts "you will show them around, and be nice Four and six". Will and Chris bust out laughing while Tris and I glare at him. "Whatever" tris says. "go guys". "Bye Max, we will miss you to". "Go guys what are you Four". "Yes" I shout. We all, but the other leaders, burst out laughing. "But in all seriousness guys go". Max repeats. "Alright let's go" tris screams. We take them on the tour we take take the newbies. Of course a freaking Candor smart mouth had to chime in when we got to the chasm "Is this where six will throw us if we say her real name". Of coarse Tris being Tris had to say. "Yes got a problem with that Candor"? "No mam". "alright good now let's go to the dining hall" tris says.

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