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Midoriya turned around surprised, "Kacchan?" He said aloud.

"Where were you!?
Why were your stupid servants pushing me everywhere!?
I've been stuck in this dang palace for 5 hours!" Bakugo exclaimed.

"5 hours???
You should've just found the exit and left.
That or you should've returned to the human realm"

"I couldn't FIND the exit AND I didn't feel like coming BACK here so I wanted to tell you and leave"

"I was in an entirely different city.
I just came back"

"Why would you tell me to come deliver the news as soon as possible if you knew you wouldn't be in your own PALACE!?"

"because I didn't know I'd be traveling to an entirely different city.

Now what's the news?"

Bakugo sighed, "icy hot was trying to find staples identity Because they thought they were brothers"


"They're brothers"

"Called it.
Anyways, is that all?
Does Shigaraki need anything?"

However, according to icy hot and mind freak. They're doing internships to try and find the leagues base.
Icy hot is with endeavor and mind freak is with Aizawa."

"Hm. I suspected that much.
Well, I already got the stuff to make the nomu smarter.
I'll be returning to the human realm between either later today or tomorrow.
You can go now"

Bakugo nodded his head and vanished.
Eri looked up at Midoriya, sadness clouding her eyes.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

For how long...?" She asked.

"I'll try to come everyday, I can't promise that I will but I'll try"

"But I don't want you to leave...
There's nothing to do when you're gone"

Midoriya sighed.
"Should I take her with me?
I have the ability to protect her and no one is actually after her...
I guess she could come"

Eri began to sniffle as she held back tears.

"Don't worry.
You're going to be coming too"


"I've decided to take you along with me.
Now go to your room and shower up, I'll have the servants prepare an outfit for you"

Eri wiped her tears away and skipped away.
Midoriya shadow traveled to his room and took a nice shower.

After that he got dressed into his Yakuta and made his way back to the kitchen.
He was hungry.
When he made it there he found Eri already eating lunch.
She was freshly showered however, her hair was blow dried by one of the servants as she was freshly styled.

"We were told that Princess Eri would be going to the human realm with you so we fancied her up!" One of the servants smiled.

Midoriya sighed, "okay"

Eri was wearing a dress too long for its own good, it looked like a black wedding dress.
It had a white and blue intricate design from down the shoulder to her torso and all the way down the back that dragged on the ground.
Near the chest/stomach area, it was white with black lines that crossed each other going all the way down.

To top it all off, Eri's hair was put in a half ponytail while the other half was down.
She was wearing a crown.

For lunch they were just having some soup.

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