Part 2

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(Elise pov)

"Honey we are really sorry but your dad has gotten in huge trouble"my mom said almost crying.
"Yeah, ok but how am I the solution of all this?"they were really confusing me.
"Well this morning we got a call from a group of people" a group of people? what does he mean by that.
"And they told us if we dont give them all our company and the money we own them they will kill me and your brother."oh my lord. "Dad what is this stupid joke?"i said almost screaming.
"Honey wait, the big boss of this group—"
i interrupted him.
"What is this group what do they do." I said because i was getting confused.
"They are just a dangerous group honey and they gave me a second chance....where you come" I was so confused right now how will a random "group" how my dad calls it is asking for me.
"The boss told me to give you in exchange of money and our lifes."OMG what the hell is thiss.
"Look honey I am really sorry I know its hard for you but—." I stopped him.
"Dad Why?"i was screaming. "How could you do this to me you know I hate marriage and others stuff i wanted to follow school not marry someone who I dont even love for what?...FOR FREAKING MONEY!!"I was shaking in fear I didnt know what to do even the people who I trusted they were selling me for money.
I saw Dylan he was standing there doing nothing i felt strange in my own house like I didn't belong here.
"Tranquila beautiful." I heard a husky voice from behind me. I turned my eyes to look at him and OMG i couldn't keep my eyes of him he was like a greek god.
"Don't scream at your dad, but you can scream when you are with me as much as you can." he said smirking.
What a dick.
"Oh Mr Eleonores we are glad we have you here and this is my daughter Elise."
I felt disgusted at my dads words.
"So this will be my future wife."- omg i cant anymore.
"DAD!!- ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THIS MARRIAGE THING. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO MARRY THIS STRANGER." i felt tears running through my eyes i couldn't hold them anymore.
"Honey I am sorry I didn't have a choice."
yeah of course they never have a choice.
I looked at my mom who was crying and I also looked at my brother. Where is that brother who would always protect me and keep me safe from boys . I felt disappointed i thought he could stand up for me but no one did.
"Can I have a moment with Elise?"- the husky voice said.
"Yes, of course." I cant believe this family leaving me here with a complete stranger.
After they all left only me and him were in the room i heard his footsteps getting closer to me and i got really scared because i remembered my dads words that he tried to kill them and he was the boss of this so called "group".
He kept getting closer and closer until our noses were touching. My stomach right now was filled with butterflies.
"You are so innocent Elise, sadly this innocence of yours wont last long." he said with that husky voice of his.
"I want you to go up stairs like a good girl and get ready ok? The weeding will be this week." he said while moving my hair to the other side.
"wha- b-but you c-cant do this!Please dont do this we can find another way.!"
I was so scared at this moment and I didnt even know why.
"Huh, another way? There is no other way my little Elise now that I saw you there will never be a "another way".
After these words he told me to go get ready because this new strange life was starting for me.

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