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   I woke up to a very energetic Henley who had everything ready. I yawned and sat down on the chair in front of the dresser and Henley started doing my hair.

"Still can't believe I'm getting married" Henley smiled and put my hair in a bun. I got up and got into my dress as Henley zipped the back.

"Now we just walk you down." I smiled but was nervous.

--time skip---

After me and jack said our 'I do' we were officially together forever. The guys and even Alma and the other agent where their. Smiling I was just enjoying my life.

--you know---time skip---

After the wedding me and Jack were in our little house we bought. Jack came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and was pulling down the zipper while kissing me. Unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his belt we were still kissing and on the bed

*you understand what's going on and I'll just leave it to your imagination.*

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