14. F*ck

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Yessss, here I am again, it hasn't been so long since i last posted, but thats a good thing hahahah, so this chapter is kinda............lets not spoiler.....uhm......hectic.....
So prepareee

Dont forget to


Leonardo pov

Lina was still sleeping in my arms.
We were just chatting and talking business for abit.

"So.....We caught some news on a new Mafia.....in Russia....."
Giovanni said.

"Yeah....maybe they want revenge bc we killed Trusova..."
I said.

They all nodded..

"We should find out more tho...who They are and what they want...after the last incident we need to be carefull, especialy with Lina."
Felix said.

"Yeah....Angelo, call a meeting at the warehouse, make sure all men are there, but also leave the security men on their spots."
I said.

He nodded and walked off to call a meeting.

"Okay, so...we all need to attent this meeting, therefore Lina is coming to, someone get her spare crib
(a one you can fold for travel)
And take it so we can let her sleep in one of the rooms."
Gio said.

Emilio stood up

"I'll go get her bag and crib"
He said.

"I'll help"
Romano said.

They took off to her room, and the boys just put their shoes on, normally we would wear our suits, but since it's so hot, and we would need to get dressed all again, with Lina, we are just going in our normal clothes, not that we dont look like bosses, bc we mostly wear black.

After 5 minutes, Emilio, Angelo and Romano were back and putting on their shoes.

"Okay, is everyone ready?"
I asked.

They nodded.

I stood up with Lina still on my shoulder, and we walked outside, we passed some security guards who all smiled at the little girl on my shoulder.

She had the whole Italian Mafia wrapped around her little finger, and she didn't even know it.

We made it to the cars and splitt up.
(I'm to lazy to write who goes with who hahah sorry)

I opened the backseat door, and put the straps of the carseat on the sides so i could place Lina in

I carefully took the girl off of my shoulder, and placed her down.

As soon as she was in the carseat she whined in her sleep from the loss of my human touch.

It was so cute, I would hold her the way there, but that is dangerous.

We then got into the cars and drove towards the warehouse.

It was A 10 minute drive, the warehouse looked like just an old building somewhere between alleys, but from the inside it was pretty modern, but it was mostly black, since that was also the place we torture people, and have meetings and deals.

Once we arrived we got out, I took the carseat and we walked inside, all the security we passed bowed their heads in respect, just hoe we want it.

We walked through the building to the meeting room, it was REALLY big.

We walked through the building to the meeting room, it was REALLY big

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