Chapter 4

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We are riding to our next destination and so far Emma has been a pain in our ass'. She's always trying to take my backpack. I just stopped bothering to grab my bag again. We come to a stop near an arcade, which is where another piece is at.

We park our bikes not to far and make our way inside the arcade. I stand near Alex looking around the arcade for the piece. A claw from the 'claw machine' smashes out of the case almost hitting, but Alex pushes me out of the way.

He's on top of me and he doesn't move. We both stare into eachother's eyes until, unexpectedly, we both are about to kiss when Tuck interrupts us. We both jump up and I am blushing vigorously.

Everyone is looking at us still, whilst Emma is just smirking at me. I roll my eyes grabbing Echo and putting him in my backpack. Emma takes my bag from me as always. We are about to walk out when a security guard comes and we run out.

Once we get to bikes I notice Alex is missing. I turn around run right back to arcade with close on my heels. I quietly creep in and I am about to make distraction for Alex when a machine nearby goes off. I look at Emma and notice Echo is out.

The guard looks at the machine in curiosity and then all the machine go off. I race to Alex and grab his hand pulling him out of the arcade. All three of us race back to the guys and Alex jumps on his bike riding for awhile. He soon stops and jumps off leaning on a fence.

We all look at Alex and Tuck says, "Dude, you always whine when you think someone is going to leave you." That was a wrong choice of words Tuck. Alex pushes Tuck down and they start fighting. When they're both on their feet again, still fighting, I pull them apart.

I go over to Alex, who is again on the fence, and say, "Alex, we've been friends for a long time. You know we would never leave you behind. We care too much about you. We'll miss you too much. I'll miss you too much."

"There's a diner we passed up earlier we could go there." Munch says, ruining the moment Alex and I were having. I reluctantly get on my bike and we ride to the diner.

We all order a cheeseburger and a milkshake, but I'm not hungry. Alex looks down the whole entire time until I interlock our hands.

"I'm sorry man. I shouldn't have said nor should I have left you. I just panicked back there. Are we cool?" Tuck says, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, we're cool." Alex says, fist bumping Tuck. At that moment echo falls apart and I see the construction guy coming. The others notice and we quickly throw Echo's parts in my bag.

The man comes to our table. Alex and i try to hide the bag away from him. The pulls out some kind of machine that helps him track something. The machine eventually lands on my bag and goes crazy. The man grabs my bag, but I'm fighting for it. He wins and jumps in his truck. Munch quickly puts on his helmet, runs and jumps into the bed of the truck.

Scared I jump on my bike and chase after the truck. After awhile I lose the truck. Frustrated I jump off my bike, throw my helmet on the ground and kick my bike.

The others are right beside me. Alex wraps his arms around me and just cry. Our friends are in danger and it might be to late if we do find them.

"How far is the construction sight?" Emma ask, I leave Alex's embrace and wipe my tears away.

"Hours away." Alex says, before I get to.

"I have an idea...who wants to go to a party?" Tuck says, bewildered we follow him. He says his brother is at party. All we have to do is find him and get his keys.

We arrive at the party within minutes. Everywhere I look I see high schoolers, but I know most of them. I usually sneak out and follow my sister to her parties. Some are dull with no people or alcohol and some are awesome with lots of people and alcohol. The alcohol parties are my favorite. I'm able to get drunk there and I also have blackmail on my sister.

"This party is okay, I've been to better." I say, as we look for Marcus or his keys. I grab a red plastic cup that has a little bit of alcohol in it. I chug it like a shot and wince at the flavor a bit. "Grey goose, my favorite."

"Why did you drink some alcohol?" Emma says, I roll my eyes at her.

"She's right. It's dangerous for someone your size to drink." Tuck states.

"Guys I've done this plenty of times. Grey goose isn't even strong enough for me!"

Someone shouts the cops are here and everyone starts running around. We make it to the bathroom and we wait there for a second. Tuck and Emma leave to go find Marcus.

Alex and I sit on the counter when Alex says, "Aurora, early I was trying to say back that I like you too. I just didn't want to ruin our friendship." Alex turns to look at me and I do the same. He stares into my eyes deeply then looks down at my lips. I lean in and so does he.

We kiss for a couple seconds when we here a snore. We both pull away and jump off the counter. We look in the shower and see Marcus sleeping. I grab the camera knowing Tuck is going to want to have this shot.

Emma walks in with a frustrated Tuck.

"Guys, I don't know where Marcus is."

I grab the keys from Marcus' pocket and wiggle them in front of Tuck's face. He looks in the shower to see Marcus.

"I hope you guys got that on camera." Tuck says laughing, I nod and mentally face palm myself. The camera got Alex and I kissing. Oh well. I hand Tuck his camera and start walking to the car.

I jump into drivers side of the car and start the car. Tuck tries to argue with me about its his brothers car and that he should be driving it. Emma also argues saying that I'm intoxicated.

"Tuck, I know how to drive. My dad taught me at a young age and you know that. Emma, I'm not intoxicated. Even if I were I could still drive."

I start the ignition, holding down the brake pedal and playing with the gas pedal. The engine roars and I laught. This is going to be fun. I let go of the brake and zoom off at the speed of lighting.

The book is coming to an end. It was really short, but I'll make a sequel through the same name. So after the last chapter I'll be posting the sequel.


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