CHAPTER 36 The Eye Has It

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I settled myself down by the time we arrived the Doc's office for my appointment. The adrenals were up a little bit from my last visit, which was good sign. It meant my body was healing itself with the nutritional supplements and therapies I was doing.

My brain energetically tested as not being as far off the charts as it had been the last visit, which was also a good sign. But it still wasn't balanced out like it should be [both the right and left should energetically test at equal numbers]. This time, my right brain was 80, and my left brain was 5.

The Doc also said my energetic testing had revealed my body was running a viral and bacterial infection in my right eye. My heart dropped ten floors. I hated eye infections with a fevered passion.

Anything to do with my eyes made me twitchy. I'd had my first eye problem several years ago. At the time, I was completely thrown off guard by it. We hadn't started on the alternative path yet, so our solution at the time was to send me to an Ophthalmologist Surgeon.

His prognosis had been that I had what was called iritis, which means an inflammation in the iris.

Why was my iris inflamed?

The Ophthalmologist had no idea. He said that stress could be a cause, as he had one patient who seemed to get it every time she had was under pressure for her final exams in college.

He put me on Prednisone [steroids which just force the inflammation down but don't do anything to resolve the underlining cause] and drops that forced my iris to stay open (like the ones you take when you go for an eye test). I followed his instructions. But it took a long time for my eye to completely heal and both eyes to be able to work together. But again, there was still no answer as to why it had happened.

When I had started going to the Doc's and I got an eye infection, he had put me on a whole new healing program. First thing that was different was the Doc had picked up an actual infection in my eye, which was a change from what the Ophthalmologist had told me. Secondly, the Doc didn't put me on steroids [he can't prescribe pharmaceutical medications because he's not a licensed medical doctor], or recommend I go see an Ophthalmologist to get some roids [steroids].

Instead, the Doc energetically tested me with nutritional supplements, which according to his testing on me would help support my healing. He also gave me some therapies I could do at home that would move the recovery along.

Now I had another eye infection. I didn't like having infections of any kind, but having one in your eye was really bad. The eyes are so sensitive and pretty damn important when you're trying to use your vision. So having anything wrong with them makes you freak out. It felt like having a truckload of sand dumped into your eye. The feeling of sand in your eye never goes away, no matter what you do. There's a feeling of discomfort but infections in your eye can also impact your vision. It was the last thing I wanted to be dealing with.

The Doc recommended some pretty heavy duty drops, aka The Drops, as a cheaper way to deal with both infections. They were internal drops I could take that would help support my overall health and immune system by helping kill off toxic gunk in my body. We could order them online.

The Doc noticed all the bruises on my legs. My poor calves were covered with then. They looked disgusting. It was from all the moving. But the Doc was concerned. He said all that bruising could also mean other problems, like weakened blood veins. So he tested me for a supplement to help support the blood veins too.

"Fall seven times, stand up eight."

Japanese Proverb

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