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'Forever' Harry Styles Love Story

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This is my first ever Fanfic so sorry if it's a bit crap, the basis of the story is based on my life and completely true, the whole Harry Styles romance obviously isn't, unfortunately! Hope you all like it, he isn't famous in any of this by the way guys, please read it I really put all my heart into it thankyou xxxxxx

I layed on my bed on my laptop with my beloved headphones around my neck, I looked at my playlist on iTunes, it mainly consisted of Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon and Oasis, their songs always seemed to fit my mood! Lyrical geniuses I'd say. There was one song though that I found better than all the rest. Free Fallin' by John Mayer had always been my favourite song ever since I was a little girl, I had always classed it as mine and my Daddy's song, I'm not too sure why, but for aslong as I can remember he had sang it to me everynight before bed, that was until about 2 years ago when my life turned upside down.

I sat thinking about everything, what the hell? My life really was a mess. I scrolled through Facebook not really paying attention to anything on my screen, I clicked on my ex-bestfriend Chanice's profile, as usual she flirting with about 10 different boys and getting attention from everyone, what heppened to us? We had been inseprable, we really were BEST friends, when we hit 14 though Chanice discovered makeup and starting caring more about how she looked more than anything else, and of course the boys absolutely loved her. I'm not going to lie, she was gorgeous! But I couldn't help being that little bit jelous of her. As soon as she started dating boys that was it. Boooooom I was completely out of the picture, she didn't want to know me anymore, and ever since then I seem to have lost everyone while she was surrounded by people wanting to be her bestfriend. 

The only person I seemed to have left was Andrew, my closest male friend, he really was an amazing person, he always cheered me up and put a smile on my face, I loved knowing I had someone there for me no matter what. But guess what? I'm guessing you know what I'm going to say, yup I lost him too, he got himself in with the wrong crowd and got himself on all sorts of drugs, it really hurt me seeing him so fucked up yet angered me at the same time. He changed, big style. So yeah, I was left with no one, apart from my friends at school who yes I did love but I wasn't exeptionally close to any of them, not like I was with Chanice and Andrew anyway.

'Beth! Get yourself down here, we need to discuss holidays missy!' My Mum yelled up the stairs, we loved our holidays, we hadn't had one in a while though so I didn't hesitate! I logged off my computer and changed into my pyjamas then joined my Mum downstairs to discuss the next holiday we would go on. I sat giggling at her doing impersonations of my Nanna. I loved my Mum, she really was my rock, I told her everything and she had always gave the best advice ever!

About 10 minutes later, my 18 year old brother strolled downstairs drunk, I knew what this meant, hell was about to kick off in my house, yet again. I snuggled up to my Mum as him and my Dad argued and before long I found myself pulling my Dad off my brother, crying for them to stop, this had happened on countless occasions! 

Anyways, I'll skip forward, 3 months later. My Mum had decided to divorce my Dad, in all honesty I don't blame her! We needed a fresh start desperately so we decided we would move away and completely start over, I couldn't wait! It was moving day and I hugged my Dad goodbye, I wasn't too upset, afterall it wasn't the last time I was going to see him!

We'd bought a cute 3 bedroom semi detatched house in Cheshire, Holmes Chapel. I was so excited to get there! My Mum knew the family next door to where we were moving too as she had grew up with the woman living there, Anne I think her name was. I nodded off listening with my favourite song on repeat and before I knew it my Mum was nudging me to wake up, we were finally here! It looked even better in real life. I skipped down the lawn into the house and immediately ran up the stairs to claim my room, obviously I chose the big one, and I found it absolutley amazing that it had a balcony, for a 15 year old, the littlest things seemed to amuse me, I guess I was just a big kid at heart. 

After we unpacked I decided to change into my pyjamas and sit on my balcony and watch the sun set, it was so peaceful, I could honestly sit there all day! Suddenly, a noise snapped me out of my little trance. 

'Hiya! You must be my new neighbour ey?' I turned round slightly startled and completely froze, this amazingly beautiful boy was stood smiling at me cheekily on the next doors balcony. I quite literally gawped at him, he had longish perfectly curly hair, bright emerald eyes and the most adorable smile I had ever seen. 'Erm, wow yeah I guess I am!' I replied hesitantly trying not to blush too much.

The beautiful boy winked cheekily and hopped over the small wall inbetween us, 'I'm Harry, Harry Styles, it's so nice to have a new neighbour! Our last neighbours were a pair of old moody boring sods, glad they decided to finally move they we...' I giggles and interupted Harry's little rant, 'Well you're not shy are you! Well I can assure you I'm not an old boring moody sod' We giggled at eachother, I was amazed at how confident I was around him, usually I'd be all shaky and run in the house or something, but he was different for some reason. Harry's Mum peeked out the balcony window and signalled Harry it was time for bed. Harry smiled at me and shrugged blushing slightly, 'Guess I have to go! How about I show you around the area tomorrow, give you an official tour?!' I couldn't help but laugh at how childish seemed to be, a bit like me really. 'Sure Harry! That would be great, I'll see you tomorrow!' Harry grinned at me and winked cheekily, I turned around and went to head on inside, but something pulled me back by my wrist, Harry was still stood there beaming at me, he pulled me towards him and give me a friendly hug then hopped off back to his room without saying a word. I Aww'd too myslef at how sweet he was and strolled off to bed feeling happier than ever. I think I'm going to like Holmes Chapel!

I'll write more soon! If you's like it anyway.... COMMENT PLEASE xxxxx

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